Smart Pill Box,

Med-Q Cutting edge Smart pill box


Smart Pill Box uses LED LITE-BOX


Med-Q Smart Pill Box
electronic Pill Dispenser Alarm

Med-Q Smart Pill Box to the rescue

Messing up by double-dosing or missing doses will undermine treatment – be dangerous and sometimes even can be fatal.   The Med-Q Smart Pill Box very cleverly helps eliminate such medication errors with LITE-BOX Technology and simplicity.

At Medication-taking time, the alarm beeps and LED-LITE BOX will illuminate ONLY the individual Pill Box compartment holding ONLY the pills that needs to be taken. Our LED-LITE BOX technology guides the user to the proper compartment at the proper time. The goal is mistake free medication management. A simple, effective, way of helping to eliminate errors.

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Med-Q Smart Pill Box
med-q smart pill box

The Bright LED-LITE will start flashing, in only the individual container, guiding the user to the exact dose at the exact time.   By simply taking the medication in the Flashing pill box, there is no chance of a  mistake.   The Med-Q Smart Pill Box takes away the guesswork in which pill to take or even worse,  double and triple dosing.  Med-Q’s Flashing Guides means less mistakes and better medication outcomes.

Smart Pill Box, Set it and forget it

Med-Q Smart Pill Box

At exact times every day the , the Smart Pill Box will remind and guide.   The Smart PillBoxes Flashing/Beeping reminders means personal Medication Schedules will be kept.   Your 5 minute Alarms/Alerts will repeat every thirty minutes until the pills have been taken.   The goal is to make sure that medication is taken on time  by continuously reminding users until they have taken their pills.   A smart pillbox changes everything.  You can reduce the stress of taking care of your self or a loved one.  Quite Simply,  “This is not your Grandma’s old fashion pillbox”.

MedQ is America’s #1 Smart PillBox with Led LITE-BOX Technology and Triple alarms.

Smart Pill Boxes cutting-edge design is simple and affordable.

 Are you still using an OLD FASHION pill box or an out of date prescription pill holder?  Take advantage of modern technology to fight medication non-compliance.  Med-Q Pill Reminder gives Loved ones Independence and Quality of Life in their Golden Years.  Now it’s Your Turn to Take Care of Them.Smart Pill Box for Seniorselectronic pill reminder alarm timer

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