SMART Pill Box with Alarms Created to Help Caregivers

The Best Pill Dispenser is Saving Lives

* The Blasting Audio Alarm will Remind at Pill Time.

*  Flashing LITE-BOX directs User to the Right Pills.

*  Just take the Pills in the Flashing Box….SIMPLE! 

Best Pill Box

Not Your Grandma’s Old Fashion Pill Box

How Much More Forgetting and Over-Dosing Before You Act? 

STOP relying on Reminder Phone Calls.  Take down all the Posti-Notes that are scattered around the House.   Med-Q  is the Best Pill Dispenser with Alarms that keeps Mom and Dad Safe and,Independent.   You can Give your Loved Ones the Quality of Life they Deserve.

Med-Q is the Best Pill Box with Alarms for Alzheimer’s & Dementia Management 

The Alzheimer Association recommends that you “Set up a medication Strategy before anything else”.   Med-Q , the Best Pill Box with Alarms makes the Alzheimer’s Journey easier.

Just take the Flashing Box.  

No Decisions means no Mistakes.

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14 day pill box with alarmTestimonials

Med-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser is the Simple, Reliable and Affordable Solution.

Take Control of Health Before Health Takes Control of You

 No Monthly Fees.  *  No Paid Caregivers.  *  No Assisted Living.  *  No Health Crisis.

Make Your Own Comparison with a 30 Day In-Home Risk Free Trial

Med-Q  SMART Pill Dispenser or an “OLD, DUMB” Pill Box. 
SeniorReturn Rate is Less than 2%…….People Love their Med-Q’s.

Non Compliance
Automatic Pill Dispenser

If The Best PillBox doesn’t completely solve the Medication Non-Compliance issues, simply return your Med-Q for a 100% refund.

Smart Pill BoxSmart Pill Box with Alarms

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The Programmable Pill Box is the solution to medical non-compliance.  The simple design means Loved One’s will take their Life Saving Prescription Medications.  No more forgetting .  No more over dosing.  The cutting Edge Medication reminder is the Key to Good Health and Well Being. The repeating pill box with alarms, makes it easy to manage their medication properly.  Great for Early and Middle stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  The automatic pill dispenser keeps Love Ones on  the right Track with Prescription Medications.  Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder to the rescue.  America’s Best Pill Box with Alarms.  Med-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser with alarms gives Mom the tool you need to protect loved Ones.