Set for 1 or 2 Daily Pill Reminders

Think Missing A Pill Or Two Is No Big Deal?

MED-Q helps end Forgetting and Dangerous Over Dosing. Upgrade from Post-It's and Reminder Phone calls to America's #1 Pill Reminder with Triple Alarms.

The One & Only Med-Q Pill Box

Now it's Your Turn to Take Care of Them

CAREGIVER Alert, The Smart Pill box puts an end to reminder phone calls. Let the 21st Century Pill Reminder's LITE-BOX do the work for you.

Set for 1 or 2 Daily Pill Reminders

Designed To Look Like Their Old Pill Box

This makes the switch to "America's #1 reminder" simple.The "Cutting Edge" Pill dispenser means no decisions about the day of the week or time of day.

No More Forgetting Life Saving Meds

MED-Q Smart PillBox will make sure their Life Saving Prescription Medications have been taken. No more wondering with the Genius Med-Q Medication reminder. The Smart pill Organizer with alarms is the simple, reliable way to keep loved ones at home.

You Can Put And End To Over-Dosing Errors

Med-Q Smart Pill Box is America's #1 Pill Dispenser with LED LITE-BOX Technology. Caregivers know that now it’s their turn to take care of Loved Ones. Try Med-Q PillBox in your own home risk free. The 21st Century solution to forgetting and over-dosing.

Med-Q's "Cutting Edge" LITE-BOX Technology is a Caregivers Best Friend

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