"Cutting Edge" Flashing LITE-BOX Guides Loved Ones and the Blasting Audio Alarms Reminds Them

Want to Prevent Forgetting & Over Dosing Once and For All?

MED-Q's Brilliant Life Saving Features

weekly pill box with alarm

All 3 Smart Pillbox Colors Operate EXACTLY the Same

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Smart pill box
Fill Every 2 Weeks
automatic pill reminder
Fill Every 1 Week
Smart Pill Dispenser with Alarms
Fill Every 1 Week

Time to Upgrade To America's #1 Smart Pill Dispenser with LITE-BOX Technology and Triple Reminders

Smart Pill Dispenser

Pill Dispenser with alarms
Set for 1 , 2 , 3 or 4 Daily Reminders. ** Each Pillbox Holds 23 Full Size Aspirins ** Repeats Every Week Automatically 

No More Worry and Wondering if Loved One's are taking Their Life Saving Medications

BLUE: 1 or 2 Daily Reminders

WHITE: 1 or 2 Daily Reminders

BLACK: 1 or 2 Daily Reminders

COMBO: 3 or 4 Daily Reminders


pill dispensing machine for elderly
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smart Pill Reminder

pill box with alarms

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You Can Manage your Medications with MED-Q "Cutting Edge" Pill Reminder  

MED-Q is an automatic pill dispenser with triple alarms.  Program the pill box and the MED-Q does the rest.  At your chosen times, MED-Q will remind you with a BRIGHT flashing LED LITE-BOX.  This will flash ONLY the Compartment holding that times pills.  An Audio alarm will also sound.  The alarms starts at 100% volume and doubles in volume over the 5 minute alarms cycle.  Hence, great for senior hearing issues.  The genius pill organizer will repeat it's alarms every 25 minutes until the pills are taken and the next alert is activated.    The display uses a huge screen for easy viewing.  The organizer holds a whopping 322 full size aspirins.  Large, oversize "Finger-Tip-Tabs make the MED-Q very user friendly.  Operates on 2 AA batteries to offer complete mobility in the house and outside the home.  Finally, a SMART Pill Box that Actually works as advertised.  Because, now it's your turn to take care of them.

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