Smart Pill Box Prevents Another  Family Tragedy  

Forgetting or Over dosing…..each is just as bad!  With Med-Q Smart pill boxes, the worry is gone.  A Smart Pill Box doesn’t just hold medication, Smart pill boxes prevents millions of mistakes everyday.  You cannot afford to take any chances with  forgetting your Life-Saving medication. Med-Q Smart Pill Boxes leaves nothing to chance, because unlike old fashioned pill boxes, the smart  Med -Q smart pill holder tells loved ones that it is time to take their pills. This means that unlike other pill Holder, the Med-Q smart pillbox gives Independence and Quality of Life.


Pill Box

Attention grabbing FLASHING LED LITE-BOX  easily guides the user to correct  pill box as well as the proper dose.

Med-Q smart pill boxes BLASTING AUDIO ALARMS tells loved ones when it’s time to take their life saving pills 

Miss a Pill?….With Med-Q Pill Box that’s no Problem…. The smart pill organizer will  REPEAT EVERY 30 MINUTES 

Med-Q Smart Pill Holder is Your Eyes and Ears When You Can’t be There With Your Loved Ones

It is easy to understand why the Med-Q smart pill organizer is such a wise investment. After all, there is nothing more concerning than wondering if your loved one is taking their medication at the right time and in the right dosage. Forgotten doses are just as dangerous as overdoses. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), people 65 and over have double the risk of ending up in the emergency room due to adverse medication reactions. This risk only increases with age. This is why we created the Med-Q programmable pill organizer. Whereas a standard pill box just holds medication, the Med-Q smart pill organizer is a virtual caretaker that helps watch over your loved one when you are not there. 

Smart Pill Holder Keeps Loved Ones Out Of Assisted Living

The Med-Q smart pill holder is designed with reliability in mind. After all, a lack of daily reliability is what ends up causing many elderly people to enter Assisted Living facilities. With the skyrocketing costs of Assisted Living facilities over the last ten years (click here to see your state’s cost), investing in a smart pill holder can help keep your loved one in their own home, and independent longer. The Med-Q smart pill holder will alert your loved one that it is time to take their medication, and it will not stop reminding them until the medication is taken. Med-Q pill reminder system save you tens of thousand of dollars compared to the high costs of Assisted Living or Home Health Care. With the Med-Q pill holder means loved ones will stay Independent.  Courtesy of the Med-Q electronic pill dispenser. 

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Med-Q Smart Pill Boxes to the Rescue
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One of the Biggest challenges our design staff faced was creating a pill organizer system that caters to people with hearing impairment. After all, a smart pill box that someone cannot hear is worthless. This is why the Med-Q smart pill organizer system has a flashing LED light system in addition to the audio pill box reminder feature. Even if someone cannot hear very well, they will still see the very bright, constantly flashing lights. Anything less amounts to an unreliable pill reminder system…and you deserve more from the smart pill boxes you can trust to help care for your loved one.

Med-Q Smart Pill Holder Even Takes Arthritis and Alzheimer’s Into Account

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Alzheimer's Association

When are seniors non-compliant, they usually don’t have smart pill holders with alarms to help them out.  Med- Q smart pill holders are much more than just standard, old fashioned pill boxes. And when your loved one is dealing with mental or physical incapacitates, such as the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s or Arthritis, choosing a smart pill box can help them retain control of their life and faculties longer. In fact, seemingly small tools like the Med-Q smart pill holder can help you and your loved one transition more easily into what is called the Alzheimer’s Journey. Because taking care of a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s can be emotionally overwhelming, you owe it to yourself to allow the Med-Q smart pill organizer to take at least one critical task off of your mind.


Additionally, the Med-Q electronic pill dispenser is constructed to be Arthritis friendly. Although the pill holder medicine compartments snugly snap shut for safety, they are designed to easily open without the need for heavy finger pressure. This allows people with arthritis and joint issues to remain in control of taking their own medications, which also helps increase their feeling of personal empowerment.

Old fashioned pill boxes can’t do it all, but the Med-Q Smart Pill Box Can and Does

 Take control of Health before Health takes Control of You

Now it’s your turn to take care of them  

A investment  of $69.95 for the smart pill holder means Loved Ones can Remain Independent for as long as possible.  The smart programmable pill box makes sure they take their life-saving pills and supplements to have thQuality of Life they Deserve. Try Med-Q’s Cutting Edge Smart Pill Holder Technology and you will wonder how you were ever able to live without the help of a Smart Pill Organizer.

 You can take control of their Health before their Health takes control of you with the help of the Med-Q Smart Pill Organizer.  Not your Grandma’s old fashion pill box.

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Try Med-Q Smart Pill Box Risk Free for 30 Days in Your Own Home
You cannot afford not to invest in a smart pill box for your loved one, because the risks associated with standard pill boxes are just too great. What is more, the Med-Q Smart Pillbox is so easy to setup and use. After usingMed-Q Smart Pill Holders, you will question how you ever lived without it!