Looks Just Like Their Old Pill Box

MED-Q Smart Pill Reminder is your answer. Old Fashion Pillboxes don't remind and guide. Telephone reminders are ineffective and frustrating. Post-Notes and Pill Alarm Clock/Smart Phones Apps just don't work. No more wondering with the Genius MED-Q Smart Pill Box.

Loaded with Life Saving Features

Med-Q Smart PillBox is filled with features that prevent accidents. From the Specially designed Anti-Skid Bottoms to the Oversized Finger Tip-Tabs. All designed to prevent medication errors. AUDIO/LITE-BOX Combination keeps Loved Ones Safe and Independent

smart pill box with alarms

Imagine Preventing Forgetting and "Life Threatening" Medication Errors

Now You Can With America's #1 Smart Pill Box with LITE-BOX Technology

smart pill box alarm