America's Best Smart Pill Reminder with LITE-BOX Technology and Triple Alarms

Caregiver Stress

Looks Like Their Old Pill Box

Attention all Caregivers. MED-Q Smart Pill Reminder is your answer. Old Fashion Pillboxes don't remind and guide. Telephone reminders are ineffective and frustrating. Post-Notes and Pill Alarm Clock/Smart Phones Apps just don't work.

A Caregiver's Best Friend

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MED-Q's Life Saving Features

Med-Q Smart PillBox is filled with Life Saving features that prevent medication mistakes and accidents. The RN inspired design was created to prevent medication errors. AUDIO/LITE-BOX Combination keeps your Loved Ones Safe and Independent.

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Smart Pill Box with Alarms

Imagine You and Your Loved One Becoming the Next MED-Q Success story

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MED-Q's Top 7 "Smart" Life-Saving Features

Take Control of Health Before Health Takes Control of You

weekly pill box with alarm

Pick the Best Pill Reminder to Protect Your Loved One

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Put an End to Stress, Worry and Wondering

It's Time to Upgrade to the MED-Q Medication Compliance System with "LITE-BOX Technology" and Triple Reminders

Med-Q Pill Box With Alarms
Make the World a Better Place Just You and Me


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