SMART Pill Box with Alarms

Using an “Old Fashion” Pill Box is an Accident waiting to Happen.  Finally, a Smart Pill Reminder with Triple Reminders and Flashing Guides

Med-Q  “Cutting Edge” Pill Reminder uses Lite-Box Technology Repeating  Audio  Alerts to prevent Forgetting & Over-Dosing.    America’s #1 Smart Pill Dispenser with Alarms.

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Smart Pill Reminder uses Flashing Guides & Triple-Repeating Alarms

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Try the Amazing  SMART MED-Q Automatic Pill Box with Alarms.  MED-Q Pill Reminder uses Flashing and Beeping alarms to make medication time simple.   The brilliant design was created to help hearing impaired as well as the visually impaired. Caregivers use the smart pill reminder to help with their Care Giving role.  The simple solution to medication non compliance on all levels for all ages.  Specially designed for Hearing and Visually Impaired and Alzheimer’s.

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  Caregiver  “Burn-Out”  *   Emotional  Crisis  *   Physical & Financial Disaster 

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 First and foremost, it is up to the user to take their prescriptions.   MED-Q PillBox uses triple Alarms to make sure Medication is not forgetting or miss-dosed A Smart automatic pillbox.  The smart auto pill box is a programmable pill dispenser that will actually work. The MED-Q Programmable Pillbox with alarms is intended to serve as a Back-Up Reminder to help with AIMM’sAlzheimer’s as well as Dementia  MED-Q Smart Pill Dispenser is the only way to remember prescription pills & Over the Counter supplements. The Best Medication Dispenser and Pill Reminder, All-In-One

Med-Q Medication Reminder with Alarms is a Caregiver’s Best Friend.

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Med-Q Smart Pill Dispenser to the Rescue

No More Stress, Worry & Wondering with Med-Q’s Genius Design

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“Perfect Medication Reminder for Hearing & Visually Impaired”

Above all, the Best Pill Dispenser with alarms helps with Alzheimer’s and keeping Loved Ones and at home.  For this reason MED-Q Pillbox with alarms is truly Priceless.  The Automatic Pill Box with alarms will immediately Remove, Stress, Worry and Wondering.  In Fact, giving Loved One’s the benefit of Quality of Life.  Finally, our Pill Reminder is a gift of Health. Forgetting Pills cause 125,000 preventable deaths a year. An automatic pillbox can prevent 1/4 of Assisted Living Admits.  Great Alzheimer’s Tool as well as a diabetes medication management aid.  Finally,a medication organizer,  medication reminder and Pill dispenser to solve home med errors. The Smart PillBox with alarms means Quality of Life.