Smart Pill Box with Alarms is Saving Lives

CareGiver’s #1 Smart Pill Reminder with Blasting Alarms and Flashing Guides

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Care Givers rely on the Smart Pill Reminder  

Seniors suffer for AIMM’s (Age Induced Medication Mistakes).  This is a normal part of aging.   Med-Q’s Cutting Edge Technology means it’s time to replace your OLD PillBox.  Med-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser with alarms helps keep love one’s at Home and out of Assisted Living.   In addition, the Smart Pill Reminder with alarms, keeps Loved Ones  Independent.  Amazingly, the Smart Pill dispenser means  no forgetting or overdosing. The Best Smart Pill Box with alarms feature,  “Mistake Free Medication”


Medication Dispenser 

Pill reminder

Brilliant Pill Dispenser Repeats every 30 Mins

In conclusion, the Best Programmable Pill Dispenser will repeat every thirty minutes.  This makes sure your Loved Ones are taking their prescriptions.   Cutting Edge Design is like having a Live-In-Caregiver at medication time. Where can such as small investment in yourself have such a big return.  The pillbox with alarms design makes even the most complicated medication and supplement plans simple.  Med-Q automatic pillbox means the medication will be taken at the right times and the right doses

Med-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarms to Your Loved One’s  Rescue