MedQ Smart Pill Box to the Rescue 

No more Time, Day or Dose Decisions.  MedQ’s Pill Box cutting edge design repeats every 30 Minutes automatically. No more forgetting or over-dosing with MedQ Smart Pill Boxes.  

Using Pill Reminder phone calls?  Not with the  Best Pill Organizer.  No more Post-Its with the Best Pill Holder.   MedQ being the Best Pill Organizer means the right pills at the right time.  MedQ Pill Reminder to the rescue

old ladyStill not using the BEST Pill Box?

Life without the Best Pill Box is difficult at best, and can be fatal at worse. Relying on a $9.95 Pill Organizer or Post-Its will lead to crisis.  Try America’s #1 Pill Box with LED LITE-BOX and Triple Alarms in your own home, 100% Risk Free.  A real Pill Reminder, not a useless pill holder.

Best Pill  Holder means no “Guess Work”   ****  The Best Pill Organizer gives Independence

TestimonialsNo worries about Time or Day,  The Flashing really makes it easy for her.  Very simple to use.    Sheila M.
After we lost Mom, Dad was a mess. He relied on her 100%. Your Pill Box Really helps a lot.         Robert  H.
 My Sisters and I knew she needed help, even though she didn’t.  Works better than we expected.     Sonya A
Pill Box
monster testimonial 65 year old man
Heart Disease

MedQ Pill boxes are like having a Live-In-Nurse at Medication Time


Our Pill boxes are way more than an old Fashion Pill Holder.  MedQ pill boxes are the pill reminder that everyone has been searching for.  Finally a pill holder that  acts as a pill reminder.  Medication errors are the Number 3 leading cause of death.  A pill holder that isn’t a pi;ll reminder will do nothing to change these shocking statics.  Pill Reminders and a Pill Holder just don’t cut it.  Non Compliance can  be solve with a pill reminder.  

Get the Best Pill Box First 

Being a Care giver is the most rewarding and underappreciated responsibly some can have.  The Physical toll on the Caregiver and their family can be overwhelming.  Our  Pill Holder was designed to reduce the caregiver’s workload with the Pill Organizer with alarms. The Pill Organizer is like having a Live-In-Nurse at Medication time.  MedQ  Pill reminder had the goal of making the best pill organizer ever for Caregivers..  Our Pill Reminder exceeded that goal.  Yea, a pill holder that is also a pill box reminder

MedQ Pill Boxes saves more than Lives.

 The costs of Assisted Living has skyrocketed in the last ten years (CLICK TO SEE YOUR STATES COSTS).  MedQ is the best Pill Box with alarms that keeps loved ones at home.  With MedQ Pill Reminder no need to spend  Hundreds of thousand of dollars on assisted living.  Just try the Best Pill Box .  MedQ is more than a pill holder or a basic pill box.  To sum up, MedQ Pill Box is the Best Pill Holder money can buy.  Finally, a pill organizer that also a pill reminder to msake sure the user takes their prescription medicine

A Caregiver’s Best Pill Organizer

Why a Smart Pill Box?  The Alzheimer’s Association Recommends picking out a Smart Pill Organizer as the first decision to be made on the Alzheimer’s Journey.  MedQ Pill Reminder is the best first decision. The responsibility of taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s can sometimes be over whelming.  The Best Pill Box with alarms reduces Caregiver’s Stress & Worry.  Imagine if   a pill holder made it so you didn’t worry about remembering to give them their pills.  Suffers in the Early and Middle stages are able to use the best pill organizer themselves.  A Pill Reminder does more than a pill holder.

The Best Pill Box Prevents #1 Fear

Senior’s Biggest fear, MOVING OUT OF THEIR HOME.  Let’s put that in perspective.   63% rank moving as their #1 fear, furthermore death is ranked as #1 by only 3%.    Getting Older should not be a reason to move out of your own home.  Try the Best Pill Box and you will be preventing you loved one’s biggest fear.  Can you really afford to use a pill holder for prescription pills that isn’t the best pill organizer with alarms?  MedQ Pill Holder provides the Independence that a pill reminder offers

Smart Pill Box

Because Every Moment Counts

Best Pill Box is more than a Pill Holder

MedQ Pill Reminder for prescription pills were designed by real life RN’s’.  The looked at hundreds of pill boxes.  The took Pill Holder needed features, simplicity of a pill organizer and made it into the Best Pill Box..  The Pill Holder were tested in Assisted Living Facilities to prevent medication mistakes.  The users gave us quality pill box feedback.  An Old Pill Holder was  no more than a pill organizer.  With alarms and alert,s this Pill Reminder can solve the forgetting problem.   With MedQ Pill Reminder you have the Best Pill Organizer with alarms. The pill box is an instant solution for prescription drugs. .  Giving you Loved Ones the best pill organizer can assure meds will be taken right.  MedQ Pill Reminder is  the Best Pill Box that Seniors can actually use.  Our Pill Organizer remembers so you don’t have to. MedQ Pill Box is critical for prescription drugs and Vitamins.  Not Having the Best Pill Organizer can lead to  death.. Try using a smart pill reminder, not a dumb pill holder.

Best Pill Box is more than a  Pill Organizer

MedQ,Pill Box is finally here.  Having  the best pill organizer ready when you need it,  can aid everybody.  MedQ Pill Reminders are the Best Pill Organizer with LED LITE-BOX Technology and Triple Alarm.   The Pill Organizer with alarms will give you “MedQ Pill Reminder”, Peace of Mind.  Most noteworthy,  Caregivers taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s need  the help of the Pill Organizer to help with prescription drugs.   Actually, MedQ Pill Holder is the best pill organizer , which means, the caregiver can rely on MedQ Pill Holder alarms and alerts.  Hence, MedQ Pill Reminder i can make sure that they take their prescription drugs correctly.  Can you do better with the best pill organizer with alarms instead of a Old Fashion Pill Holder?  Here’s the answer,, Modern Pillboxes are better.   Not using the best pill box or the best pill organizer, and still using  an Old Fashion Pill Holder will make the problem worse.  Try our Pill Holder in you own Home.and see for yourself.  Medication Compliance will be improved with a modern Pill holder like the MedQ Smart  Pill Box. The best pill organizer to the rescue.

MedQ  Pill Reminder is the Best  Pill Organizer

MedQ Pill Reminder is the Pill Holder Seniors need to Remember theirPrescription Medicine

MedQ Pill Reminder is America’s #1 Pill Holder with Triple Audio / Visual Pill Reminder
MedQ Pill Reminder is America’s #1 Pill Holder with LITE-BOX Technology  & 3  Alarms.  Your Smart Pill reminder is more than a pill holder.   Your Pill reminder use alarms to prevent forgetting and Over-Dosing.  The MedQ Pill Box remembers so you don’t have to..  A Modern Pill holder tahn can mean the differebce between Life and death.  The triple alarms of the pill Holder virtually eliminate forgetting prescription medicine.