The Best Pill Box with Alarm to your Loved One’s Rescue

 Flashing LITE-BOX Guides Loved Ones to the Right Pills at the Right Time

Med-Q Pill Reminder uses a Flashing LITE-BOX to guide the user to the Exact Dose. The #1 automatic pill dispenser with alarm is the best pill box.  Med-Q Smart Pill Box Remembers for you.  1,2,3 or 4 Medication Reminders every per Day.


Loud Blasting Alarms Reminds

 Your Love one’s need a  the Med-Q Programmable pill dispenser with alarms that get Louder and Louder for a full 5 Minutes.  This will make sure their Prescriptions have been Taken.  No more Worrying and Wondering if they took their Pills.

Set up Video Instructions for “1” Daily Med Reminder

Pill dispenser with alarm

Front Row is Week 1 Pill — Back Row is Week 2 Pill — Fill your Med-Q every 2 Weeks

Set up Video Instructions for “2” Daily Pill Reminders

electronic pill box with alarm

Front Row is AM Pill — Back Row is PM Pill — Fill your Electronic Pill Box every 1 Week

Med-Q Pill Reminder Repeats Every 30 Mins

Smart Pill Box

Caregivers love this feature. Away from your Med-Q Pill Reminder at Pill Time?  Your Smart pill Dispenser with alarm will repeat it’s 5 minute alarm cycle every 25 minutes.  No more problems with America’s Best Electronic Pill Box with alarm.

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Caregivers Know The Best Pill Dispenser with Alarm keeps Loved Ones at Homes 

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Amazing Electronic Pill Box with LITE-BOX Technology

Med-Q Smart Pill Box has been designed to help eliminate Senior’s medication mistakes.  The Cutting Edge Electronic Pill box uses LED LITE-BOX Technology to guide the Alzheimer’s user to the correct dose.  Just take the flashing box!!  Med-Q is the the Smart Pill organizer with alarms.   No decisions means no more mistakes.  The  audio alarm will get louder and louder for a full five minutes.  Because, now it’s your turn to take care of them

best automatic pill dispenser

Med-Q Electronic Pill Dispenser Machine is Like Having a Live-In-Nurse at Medication Time