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MED-Q Smart Pill Box Organizer for Mom

MED-Q Smart Pill Box Organizer for Mom

Smart Pill OrganizerWhat do people say when they see the MED-Q Smart Pill Box Organizer

The unique patented design of the Smart Pill Box Organizer

Med-Q  features a triple alarm pill reminder system.  Also, lids won’t accidentally open and spill the contents when dropped.  The over sized finger type tabs makes it easier to open than other  7 day  pill dispenser without a locking device. Each lid has a Bold imprinted letter for each day of the week and braille markings for the visually impaired.  These are just some of the features

Mom Forgetting Pills

Smart Pill Box Organizer
Smart Pill Box Organizer

Our 7 day pill dispenser is perfect for people who are forgetting depression medication.  The problem is, when depressed people feel better, they stop taking their pills.   The Smart Pill Box Organizer will keep them on their medication schedule.  It will do the thinking for them. We try to take any decision away from the user and let them relay on the Smart Pill Box Organizer

Smart Pill Box Organizer with alarm can help with Alzheimer’s medication issues

Smart Pill Box Organizer
Smart Pill Box Organizer

Your Smart Pill Dispenser is the best Alzheimer’s Smart Pill Box Organizer.  With the rising number Alzheimer’s suffers an Alzheimer’s pill alarm is a necessity.  The early and middle stage of Alzheimer’s is when a smart Pill dispenser is important.  Sufferers will start to forget to take their medication or even worse,double and triple dose.    The  pill dispenser is to make sure they don’t make mistakes.

Med-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarm uses a Flashing  guide to show the user the Exact Dose to take. No Matter 1,2,3 or 4 Reminders a day. “JUST TAKE ALL THE PILLS IN THE FLASHING COMPARTMENT.

A typical example

Compliance in hypertension: Why don’t patients take their high blood pressure pills?   Even though high blood pressure is known as the silent killer, People do not see the effect and therefore do not take their pills.  It is like the old saying, “out of sight, out of mind.  This will not happen with the Med-Q Smart Pill Box Organizer.

  • Andrew H.
  • What a great idea!  A Smart Pill Box Organizer   that reminds my mom to take her meds…great job.
  • Paul M.
  • Why didn’t they come up with this  years ago
  • Laura A
  • I got this for my Dad.  I wish we had the pill timer  for my Momsmart pill organizer with alarms



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