MED-Q 14 day pill organizer with timer

14 Day Pill Organizer with Removable Daily Pill Boxes

pill box with alarmsMed-Q 14 Day Pill Organizer with Removable Daily Pill Boxes is wise investment. After all, there is nothing more concerning than wondering if your loved one is taking their medications.  Not to mention taking them at the right time and in the right dosage.  As a matter of fact Forgotten doses can be just as dangerous as overdoses.

To illustrate,  the Center for Disease Control (CDC), people 65 and over have double the risk of ending up in the emergency room.  Notably due to adverse medication reactions. Indeed, this risk only increases with age.

This is why we created the Med-Q electronic pill organizer.

Whereas a standard pill box just holds medication, the Med-Q 14 Day Pill Organizer with Removable Daily Pill Boxes is a virtual caretaker that helps watch over your loved one when you are not there. In this way, you cannot afford not to invest in a smart pill box for your loved one, because the risks associated with standard pill boxes are just too great. What is more, the Med-Q electronic pill holder is so easy to setup and use, you will question how you ever lived without it!

14 Day Pill Organizer with Removable Daily Pill Boxes

Med-Q 14 Day Pill Organizer with Removable Daily Pill Boxes is designed with reliability in mind. After all, a lack of daily reliability is what ends up causing many elderly people to enter Assisted Living facilities. With the skyrocketing costs of Assisted Living facilities over the last ten years (click here to see your state’s cost), investing in a smart pill holder can help keep your loved one in their own home, and independent longer..  To sum up, the smart PillBox design

med-q smart pill dispenserWith the Med-Q pill holder, your loved one remains in control courtesy of the smartest electronic pill dispenser on the market today. What is more, you can even try the Med-Q smart pillbox 100% risk free.  You have every reason to give this electronic pill holder a try! 
The Med-Q 14 Day Pill Organizer with Removable Daily Pill Boxes will alert your loved one that it is time to take their medication.  By the same token it will not stop reminding them until the medication is taken. In this way, investing in the Med-Q programmable pill holder system can help save you tens of thousand of dollars, versus the outrageous costs of Assisted Living facilities.


An Electronic Pill Dispenser is a Caregiver’s Best Friend

Furthermore care-giving is very difficult, demanding, draining…and many times, it is also an incredibly under-appreciated job.  Consequencly we understand and empathize with this, and we know first-hand that the Med-Q electronic pill dispenser can serve as an invaluable caregiver to caregivers everywhere. For example, Having a Med-Q smart pill box on hand is like having a live-in-nurse at medication time to help you. In this way, our electronic pill dispenser is truly a Caregiver’s Best Friend

 For everything a caregiver does to help your loved one everyday, investing in the Med-Q smart pill box electronic pill dispenser will help them, as well as your loved one.  It can be said that the return is imesurable. However what if medication time occurs while they are attending to something.  Another example of technology the triple alarms built into all Med-Q pill boxes virtually eliminate the chance that medication is forgotten. To conclude, help the person who helps your loved one.  Specifically by allowing the Med-Q 14 Day Pill Organizer with Removable Daily Pill Boxes to help everyone involved.   To sum up, a Great Alzheimer’s tool.

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