MED-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarms

Smart Pill Box with Alarms ends the “Confusion & Worry”

FLASHING Pill Box Ends Over Dosing.

*   Blasting Alarms Stops Forgetting.

*  Repeats Every 30 Minutes Until Taken. is America’s Best Automatic Pill Dispenser With Alarms and Flashing PILLBOX Technology

Med-Q Auto Pill Dispenser with Alarms is a Powerful Tool for Caregivers. The Smart Pill Box uses LITE-BOX Technology.  The Cutting Edge Design is Like having a Live-In-Nurse at Medication time.  End Forgetting and Over-Dosing.  No Decisions Means No More Mistakes, Just Take the Flashing Pill Box .

America's Best Pill Box AlarmSmart Pill Box for Alzheimer’s

The Alzheimer Association recommends that you “Set a medication Strategy before anything else”.  An Auto Pill Dispenser with alarms  is a MUST. Med-Q Smart Pill Box with alarms makes it easier Manage Alzheimer’s. Both for the Sufferer as well as Their Caregiver”.

Designed to look just like their Old Fashion Pill Box for an easy Switch

Med-Q Programmable Pill Box



MED-Q medication reminder alarms for the elderly
med-q smart pill box

Med-Q, the Best Smart Pill Box, Virtually Eliminates All Forgetting and Over-Dosing. The Programmable Pill Dispenser is the solution to medical non-compliance.  The simple design means Loved One’s will take their Life Saving Prescription Medications.  No more forgetting .  No more over dosing.  The cutting Edge Medication reminder is the Key to Good Health and Well Being. The repeating smart pill box with alarms makes it easy to manage their medication properly.  Great for Early and Middle stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  The automatic pill dispenser keeps Love Ones on  their Prescription Medications.  Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder to the rescue.   Great for Diabetes and high Blood Pressure.   

Based on Caregiver feed back .  

Med-Q Pill Box with Alarms we rate as the #1 Programmable Pill Box.   America’s Best Pill Dispenser with Alarms is to be used as part of a medication Compliance plan. Users should not rely on an Automatic Pill Dispenser as their only source of help in medication Compliance.

Auto Pill Dispenser Flashing Guides Directs you the Right Pills.  * Automatic Pill Dispenser Doubles in Volume to be Heard throughout the Home.    Med-Q Pill Box with alarms Repeats it’s Alarms every 30 Minutes until the Pills are Taken.MED-Q Smart Medication TimerSmart Pillbox for Medication Management

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