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Med-Q Pill Organizer with alarms success story

Med-Q Pill Organizer with Alarms Success Story


Another kind of Pill Organizer with alarms has hit the Phoenix Senior community.

med-q pill organizer with alarms
med-q pill organizer with alarms

Med-Q Pill Box with alarms is not your Grandma’s Old Fashion pill Box.

This is the best in it’s class, “Holding nothing back One”, this  electronic, programmable Pill Organizer with alarms has blazing and beeping alerts. Overlooking drug and miss dosing is an immense issue. Neglecting to take your pill, dislike neglecting to take out the garbage won’t kill you. In the US , a year ago alone, more than 250,000 individuals kicked the bucket from pharmaceutical slip-ups. The issue is going to deteriorate as the populace keeps on maturing.

Seniors experience the ill effects of AIMM’s (Age Induced Medication Mistakes).

The Med-Q Pill Organizer was intended for seniors to quit committing errors with their pills.  Life Saving Features for Seniors:

• The Smart Pill Organizer has an high impacting Alarm for the listening debilitated

Blinding Flashing LITE-BOX controls the client to the right pills. No choices implies no errors.

• Miss a Dose? Don’t sweat it, Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder alerts will rehash it’s cautions like clockwork. This will continue until they have taken their meds.

Med-Q Pill Dispenser’s example of overcoming adversity

Med-Q smart pill box with alarm and timer
MED-Q smart pill box with alarm and timer

Phoenix, AZ) I have a 78 year old mother. She is living without anyone else and is doing extraordinary. She cook, cleans and deals with herself. The main issue is her pills. She take a Blood Pressure Pill in the morning and a Diuretic before bed. Me or my sister would go to her home each Sunday and top off her pill organizer.

The issue was her overlooking. Some days she missed her pills all together. Different days the inverse, happened, she took three or four days worth in one day. We were confounded. We began conversing with her about moving into helped living. It made her cry.

We purchased a Med-Q Pill Organizer with alarms and it tackled the issue.

Despite everything we go over each Sunday and top it off for her. At her pill time, the Med-Q will begin blazing in ONLY the compartment holding the solution she ought to take right then. No choice, implies no mix-ups. She has adapted, “Just take the pills in the glimmering box“.

The sound caution is a brilliant outline. The caution beeps for five minutes. It begins at normal volume and continues getting louder. This is extraordinary Pill Organizer with alarms for  our Mom since she is in need of a hearing aide.

 Learn more about the Med-Q smart Pill Organizer with alarms Google+ Facebook  YouTube.

 Automatic Pill Dispenser with alarms

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