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Med-Q Smart Pill Box Organizer with Alarms

Electronic Pill dispenser alarm timer
Electronic Pill dispenser alarm timer

After reviewing some of the following stats, you will see why a pill box organizer with alarms is so important. Compliance means taking the correct amount of the prescribed medicine at the proper time.

Medication Adherence Statistics

35 million People in the US take 3 or more pills every day

78 Percent of Men and Women  non-adherent

The cost to the health care system in excess of  $250 billion  a year

The typical rate of  adherence is (the degree to which patients correctly follow prescription instructions) for pills taken  once a day is approximately 82%.  The rate jumps to 50 plus% for people taking pills four times per day.  Surprisingly, over 70% of people, as well as 52% of chronically ill people, do not take their pills as prescribed by their physician.

Medication will not work in people who forget to take them

The most current study of Men and women , over the age of 64, who take daily medication.   The findings,  50 Percent take 5 or more prescription pills daily.  25% take 10-19 pills each and every day.  Of those polled, a full 56 Percent  admitted to forget to take their pills and supplements.  People that are taking more than Five, 63% admit to forgetting a dose, this drops a little to 50 Percent with people who take fewer medicines.

C. Everett Koop, MD, former surgeon general says,

” Medication will not work in people who forget to take them”.  Using a smart pill box organizer is vital to compliance. Medicine will be effective if and only if it is taken as prescribed by one’s doctor.

The Real Drug Problem: Forgetting to Take Them Wall Street Journal – Amy Marcus Author
Good patient compliance and adherence means taking the right drugs, on time and in the proper dosesMedication non-compliance (non-adherence), the failure to take drugs on time in the dosages prescribed.

Best Pill Box Organizer
Pill Box Organizer

 Non-Compliance is not only dangerous it is also costly.  

There are ways for staying Compliant.  This being said,  the typical person fails to follow  their prescription;s direction 50% of the time.

Why does this happen?  The cause range from simply forgetting to mental confusion to illnesses like Alzheimer’s.  The Cost, $280 billion in ER visits as well as many avoidable medical treatment expenses.  Reports have provided data that shows that over 120,000 deaths per year, leads to 10-26% and nursing home admissions

  •  24 Percent  of nursing home admissions from  non-compliance,  The cost 32.3 billion / 370,000 people.
  • Ten Percent of hospital admits from non-compliance, Cost 14.9 billion / 3.4 million people.

Pill Box Organizer
Pill Box Organizer

Prescriptions Medications

· Approx 49 Percent of the 2.1 billion prescriptions are taken incorrectly

· 33% of people take all their pills, 33% take some of them, 33% don’t get the prescription  filled

Care Giving Stats

· 25 Million nonprofessional caregivers in the United States

· 80 Percent of non-professional caregivers are female

· 80-90 Percent of seniors that need care get it from family  or friends

Merck Manual on ways to Improve Patient Compliance (Medication Reminders & Pillboxes)

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