The Best Smart Pill Box with Alarm is Here

Best Smart Pill Box with Alarm and Flashing Pill BOX Guides that will put an end to the stress  and worry that a caregivers experiences every single day

Best pill box reminder with alarm
Americas Best pill box reminder with alarm


Med-Q Has Created the Best Smart Pill Box with Alarm for Home

The Cutting Edge Pill Box Reminder has 1, 2, 3 or 4 Individual Separate Daily Medication and Supplement Alerts

see for your self  How easy the  Med-Q Pill Box reminder  is to Set  Once set, Med-Q the Best Pillbox reminder  will repeat Automatically.

America’s Best Pill Box Reminder keeps Loved ones home and Out of Assisted Living


Best Smart Pill Box with Alarm
Best Smart Pill Box with Alarm

 Set-Up Video for “1” Daily Pill Reminder


 Set-Up Video for “2” Daily Med Reminderssmart pill box

Med-Q Pill Box Reminder was designed by Caregivers 

A group of RN’s (Registered Nurse) were brainstorming about how to get their patents to take their pills properly.  The Medical term, Medication Non-Compliance is a problem with epic consequences.  What are the actual shocking consequences of mediation errors..  After reading these stats, you will see why a smart pill box reminder is crucial. Brace your self for these out outrageous statistics.

smart pill box with alarm

That is the same number of people that die each day from preventable medication errors.  In 015, the number was well over 125,000 people.  Just under 25% of all Assisted Living admits are premature.  The cause, the people are no longer able to properly take their medications.

 The irony is that this is the time in life when prescription medications are the most important to maintain a good quality of life and independence.  It has been estimated by the American Hospital Association that 10% of all Hospital stays are the cause of medication errors.  These numbers are even higher for the emergency room.  Using a pill box reminder  at home can greatly reduce the number of hospital crisis’s. medications may require Pills and Insulin

The fact of the matter is that medications may not be able control diabetes. Many of the type 2 diabetes suffers that are diagnosed as young adults, can control their condition.  They do this by controlling their personal diet and exercise plan.  This being said, they will need to fill their pill box with diabetes medications  as they grow older. A number of years (and dosage increases) later, these diabetics have reached the limit of what a pill can do to manage diabetes.  They will need to start taking insulin shots to be able to keep their blood sugar (glucose) at a safe level. med-q pill box reminder


The cost to the Health care industry is in excess of 200 Billion dollars per year.

 Imagine if this money was put into cancer as well as Alzheimer’s research . Again, this is why a smart pill box reminder is so important.   Med-Q, the Best Pill Box with alarms and Best Auto Pill Dispenser make remembering prescriptions as simple as can be.  The Best Pill box reminder for Grandpa and your Grandma.  The perfect pillbox for early and middle stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. No more forgetting or overdosing with the Med-Q Medication Box.


The Best PillBox for Deaf and people with Senior’s hearing Issues

oreover the Nurse Inspired design is why the Med-Q is the very best Auto Pill Dispenser with Alarms.  Do you have hearing issues?  No problem with the Med-Q Pill Reminder because it’s alarms get Louder and Louder so they can be heard through out the house.. The Brilliant design will accommodate most different levels of Senior’s Hearing capabilities.  For example, just one of the Design decisions to prevent forgetting.

To illustrate the real key to being the best Automatic Pill Dispenser with alarms is the LITE-BOX technology.  First of al the Cutting Edge Design will actually illuminate Only the daily box holding that times dose.  Not only does it make that one container a bright red color, the LED will flash for 5 minutes to get the seniors’ attention  Second of all, it lets them know that is is time to take their meds.  Third, what happens if the miss the flashing box?  Finally, nothing to worry about.  To sum up, the smart pill box will repeat it’s cycle every 30 minutes until the pills have been take.


Miss a Pill, No Problem.

Med-Q Best Pill box with alarms repeats until the Medications have been taken. Meanwhile the Best Automatic Pill Reminder with alarms means no more forgetting.  Not Grandma’s Old Fashion PillBox”.  Hence, Med-Q Medication Reminder couldn’t make it any easier.  To sum up,  Prescription Medication Non-Compliance issue is now fixed.

Med-Q Pill box reminder will  Keep Loved Ones at in their own Home for as long as possible.  The smart PillBox to the rescue

The Nurse Inspired design is why the Med-Q is the very best Auto Pill Dispenser with Alarms.  Do you have hearing issues?  No problem with the Med-Q Pill Reminder because it’s alarms get Louder and Louder so they can be head through out the house..  The Brilliant design will accommodate most different levels of Senior’s Hearing capabilities..  Just one of the Design decisions to prevent forgetting.

Where can such a small investment in the Med-Q Pill Box with alarms  have such a big impact on the Health and Well being of Family and loved ones?  Take a proactive stance on your medication control. With the Med-Q Electronic pill box, you can put an end to forgetting and overdosing..  Med-Q should not be your only source to manage your prescription medications and vitamins and supplements that have been prescribed as well as recommended by your health care professional.. 

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