May 3, 2016

Mom forgetting pills all the time

Mom Forgetting pills is becoming a problem

With Mom forgetting Pills you need a Smart Pill Dispenser

mom forgetting pillsIs Your Mom Forgetting Pills?  It is not unusual for Mom forgetting pills or Dad forgetting medication to over whelm their caregiver.  How big is the need for a medication timer?    Forgetting pills has been referred to by the Wall Street Journal as “America’s other drug problem”.  The effects of medication non compliance are staggering

First,The American College for Preventable Medicine says, “Non Compliance  causes an estimated 125,000 deaths per year.

second, Medication management errors account for 1 in 10 of all hospital admissions according to Health Affairs 

Finally, Bio Med estimates that 1 in 4 nursing home admissions can be prevented with a smart pill dispenser.  For this reason a smart pill reminder or other device to assure proper medicating.Smart pill box with alarms

MED-Q Smart Pill Box to the Rescue

To sum up, Med-Q Smart Pill box with alarms is a 21st Century solution to the problems created by medication non-compliance and the shocking consequences it causes.  No more Mom forgetting Pills or Dad forgetting Medication!

Furthermore with its unique modern design, the Med-Q Pill Clock is more than a medication timer.  Moreover this Pill Clock has triple alarms.  First thing to remenebr, It is an “all-in-one” electronic 14 day pill box.  In adddition a smart pill reminder all rolled up in one. Specifically Med-Q Pillbox features has a user-friendly design .  In fact it is simple and has easy functionality.  By the same token this aidsan individual to take their daily medications and vitamins.”

Hence Med-Q’s programmable pill dispenser system is a technological breakthrough.  In fact for individuals and families and the caregivers.  For example many are struggling too to take care of their loved ones.

However With Mom forgetting pills the need for a smart pill box with alarms can not be overstated

Subsequently Mom forgetting pills lead to loss of Independence, reduced Quality of Life or even worse.  To sum up, MED-Q Smart pill box is the 21st Century solution to an age old problem, “Mom forgetting Pills and Dad forgetting smart pill box


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