Mom's medicine is a mess

Dad Forgetting Medication Plan

Dad Forgetting Medication for Hypertension

With Dad forgetting Medication you need a Plan

Dad Forgetting Medication
Dad Forgetting Medication

MED-Q Smart Pill Box to the Rescue

If Dad forgetting medication for his High Blood Pressure  has gotten out of control, do something Quick.   Heart disease is the number two leading cause of death behind cancer.  The amazing thing is that there are many medications that if taken properly can keep these issues in check.  The results are, longer life and a better Quality of Life.  The Cost savings of some pills vs heart attacks and debilitating strokes are obvious.  Dad forgetting medication is not minor issue.

 MED-Q Smart pill box is the 21st Century solution to an age old problem

Dad forgetting Pills again and again?.  Miss a Cholesterol pill, No worries!.  Your Med-Q smart pill reminder will repeat it’s alarms every thirty minutes until you have taken you pills.  At the store when it’spill time, no problem.  Your Med-Q pillbox will keep sounding it’s triple alarms until you have taken your Pills.   It;s better to be thirty minutes late then to not take them all.

MED-Q Weekly Pill Box with Alarms
MED-Q Weekly Pill Box with Alarms


Men’s Heart Health

electronic pill box with alarms
pill box for alzheimer’s

The easiest life syle change. Take blood pressure and cholesterol medication. See you doctor and see if these medications are right for you. Lowering Blood Pressure is a sure fire method for reducing the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke;

Artery Clogging” cholesterol is when the insides of the veins and arteries get clogged with cholesterol. This clogs can eventually close and cause heart attacks and stroke. Cholesterol medication can reduce your blood level of bad cholesterol and promote heart health.

Recent studies have shown that taking a baby aspirin each day can lower the risk as well. The theory, the aspirin will make your blood thinner. Thinner blood is easier for the hear and it will not have to work as hard.  MED-Q Smart Pill dispenser is the exact tool you need to prevent Dad Forgetting Medication problems. Load and dispense your daily medication. Remember these wonder drugs will not work if you don’t take them.

med-q smart pill box
med-q smart pill box for Alzheimer’s

Set your Med-Q Electronic Pill dispenser with alarms for 1, 2, 3 or 4 Daily Medication Reminders

Your Dad forgetting medication is one of the biggest problems for caregivers.

med-q smart pill box
America’s Best med-q smart pill box

  The old fashioned pill organizers didn’t help.  Trying “Posti-Notes on Medicine cabinets” in the day of Smart pillboxes is an accident waiting to happen.  Try the MedQ risk free for thirty days. If you don;t think it solved the “Dad forgetting Medication” problem, return it for 100% refund.  A small investment that can literally save Dad’s life.

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