MED-Q Smart Pill Box Prevents Medication Mistakes

MED-Q Smart Pill Box Prevents Medication Mistakes

MED-Q Smart Pill Box Prevents Medication Mistakes

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Medical Mistakes are the #3  Cause of Death in US

Medical Mistakes can be Prevented

Every one has heard the horror stories of a RN giving potent medications that should have been given to another patient.  Stories of a surgeon that has removed the wrong body part is an exceptions to the rule, however a recent finding of medical mistakes says that those errors are very common.

The findings were  published in the BMJ reported that “medical mistakes” in the hospital as well as other healthcare facilities seems to be very common. In fact they are the #3 leading cause of death in the US.  The toll, over 250,000 deaths each and  every year.  This number is higher that respiratory disease, accidents, stroke and Alzheimer’s combined.

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People dying from the Care that they Receive

Patient safety has been in the news however that was not always the case.  A report that was released in 1999  by the Institute of Medicine has shocked the medical community.  Modern technology has not been adapted to help with these mistakes.  Med-Q Smart Pill box was invented to help with the shocked epidemic of medication errors

 All establishment and led to significant debate about what could be done.  The Department of Health and Human Services  calculates  250,000 pre-mature deaths  a year or almost Seven Hundred a day.  An unbelievable  9 % of all US deaths each year.

Deaths in US

High degree of tolerance for mistakes

With the numbers sky rocketing , some thing needs to be done and done quickly.  What should the first step in preventing medical mistakes? Acknowledging the depth of the problem has to be discussed and accepted.  Measuring the cost of the problem is the next step.  The solutions can range from an in home smart pill box to a better tracking medication system in Hospitals.  All this being said, the health care community needs to address medication mistakes.

U.S. hospital, almost 50 % of surgeries have drug-related errors

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