Med-Q Weekly pill box alarm for Dad

Med-Q Weekly pill box alarm

smart programmable pill box reminders or electronic pill dispensers with alarms.
Medication compliance

First of all, Med-Q Weekly pill box alarm is a real life saver. Both for the Patient and caregiver. However, despite trying your hardest, you most certainty forget a dose or two.  To enumerate, you will forget your medication at some point. Furthermore this happens to even to the most careful Senior pill taker.  Hence, the need for a in home Weekly pill box alarm. 21st Century Technology to the rescue  A good Example, MED-Q automatic programmable weekly pill box alarm system. .   A modern pill box reminder is great for remembering medication. Try setting reminders using your watch, clock, phone, or computer.  Comparatively a smart pill box with alarms is the best.

Med-Q Weekly pill box alarm to the rescue

First Talk to your Health Care Professional about the best way to take your prescriptions. They will help you pick the best Weekly pill box alarm for medication compliance. In the event you desire  to be more proactive regarding  medication there are some need to knows.  First of all, you need to understand what you’re taking.  Second of all you must know why you are taking them. Speak with one’s health Care Provider about meds.  Be sure to  understand the proper regimen for those specific pills.  Med-Q is the Best programmable weekly pill box alarm reminder to solve these problems

Weekly pill box alarm for medication compliance

Best Smart PillBox With Flashing LITE-BOX PillBOX Guides

Smart Weekly pill box alarm

Find out if there is different protocol for different types of medications and supplements. If the doctor tells you, you should double the dose the next day. Other times, sometimes you should just skip the dose and continue with regular doses the next day.  In the mean time watch for side effects. Make certain you know what to do if you miss a pill.
Sticky notes are a low tech method.  They are not very helpful.

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  • First off, be sure to fully understand exactly whats being treated.  Second off, understand the ways the medication  may affect your mind as well as your body. Finally question the doctor on what the medication actually does.
  • Accordingly  discuss the kinds of negative side effects that may happen. Again, always be aware of the possible side effects.  To illustrate watch to see what happens to the symptoms if  you stop taking them. 
  • Next, ask about the best way to take the medications.

Pill boxes have individual pillbox compartments for the 7 days of the week. To summarize, at the start of the week, place the pills into the correct dosages. With this in mind, place the pills in the pill box on the correct week day that they need to be taken.
An old fashion pill box will help manage multiple medications. Users just put the different medications in the different daily pillboxes.  Equally important these will then correspond to the day of the week they need to be taken.

Friends and family members are interest in health. Being a caregiver, they care as much as you do. To be sure a friend or family member can remind you each day.  A phone call medication reminder ought to be helpful.

A Personal Alzheimer’s Story

Best Electronic Pill Reminder for Alzheimer’s

First, there are many chronic and degenerative illnesses. Second, there are many different medications to take. Third and there can be problems if they not taken or taken at the wrong times. As the Alzheimer’s disease progresses, he became increasingly anxious and confused. He was messing up his medication schedule. For example, he was confused about the time of day, and which section of the pill box to open. He began to call at all hours of the day and nigh. In short, to repeatably ask if it was time to take meds. Even though a care agency calls on him twice daily, he was still unable to take the pills on time. Finally, this caused a number of panic attacks.

I found that pills were going missing from the pill box. Several times he took his pills, had a nap, and woke up after an hour or so later and thought it was the next day, and so took the next morning’s dose. Finally, if this continued he would end up in the Emergency Room. Everyone began to get very stressed. I have a full time job and cannot be with him 2 times a day.

I began to worry about Dad overdosing.

Pill Reminder box with Alarms

Although dad became confused about her pills I felt that he was still able, with a little help, to live at home. I needed a pill dispenser which I could fill, would automatically remind Dad at the correct time. Second, a flashing box to show which pills to take. I spoke to everyone I thought could help (Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist). l. It took me a long time, but eventually I found Med-Q Medication Compliance system. To sum up, Med-Q was exactly what we were looking for. When Dad first started to use it I was not sure that father would recognize the alarm. Can he take the pills in the flashing box? . Fore the time being, Dad is still at home. Although there are other problems , pills are no longer an issue. The Med-Q weekly pill box alarm has transformed both Dad’s and my Quality of life over the last 6 months. To sum up, Med-Q become a caregiver for both my Dad, and in a sense, for myself as well.

Weekly pill box alarm
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