How to Keep Your Elderly Dad Safe at Home

How to Keep Your Elderly Dad Safe at Home

Keep Your Elderly Dad Safe at HomeSafety is one of the top concerns caregivers have about their senior loved ones. Read the following 10 tips about how to keep your senior parent safe at home during this time.  Keep Dad at home and out of Assisted living!

1. Assist With Medication Management with a Smart Medication Dispenser alarms system

It’s important to make it easy for your senior loved one to move around the home. A bench at the front door is extremely helpful for seniors to sit while placing bags when they come in from outside or to put on winter boots. A tall counter stool is also a great addition to the kitchen. It can allow a senior to remain independent, possibly cooking while sitting down (which is great for seniors who can’t stand for long periods of time). Proper footwear is also incredibly important. Encourage your loved one to wear well-fitting shoes with low heels and sturdy soles.  This is one of the top ways of Keeping Your Elderly Dad Safe at Home.

MED-Q automatic pill dispenser with alarms

2. Assisting With Dad's Mobility

Tips number one for Keep Your Elderly Dad Safe at Home. First of all, everyone knows how important it is to make it easy for your Mom and Dad to be able to easily move around the home. Furthermore, putting a small bench at the front door is  a good idea.  Seniors can use the bench to sit down as the aree placing bags when they come in from outside. 

First, Keep Your Elderly Dad Safe at Home with cooking tips.  Another example, a place to sit when putting on or taking off winter boots. Next, keep a oversized counter stool in the kitchen. Hence, Dad can remain independent and cook for himself.  This possibly cooking while sitting  is terrific for Dad who can't stand for extended time periods.  Finally, getting the right shoes is also incredibly important. By Encouraging  your loved one to wear well-fitting shoes , the can remain mobile.  To sum up, use low heels and sturdy soled shoes.

3. Consider making adjustments to the Bathroom to Keep Your Elderly Dad Safe at Home

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, eshares some shocking statistic. Did you know, in 2015,  230 Thousand men and women visit emergency rooms because of accidents in the bathroom.  Furthermore, over 15% end up hospitalized. Again, 30% happen while bathing as well as taking a shower.  In addition, 15% happen when using the commode. Elderly Men and Women have a much higher risk of toilet related accidents.  Try to make your bathroom safer as well as more accessible:

  • First, put in grab bars inside and outside of the shower.  Also, put them on both sides of the toilet
  • Second, put down anti-slip r mats in the areas of likely slipping.  For example, in front of the sink as well as inside and outside of the shower or bath.
  • Third, Place a stool to sit down during grooming routines such as brushing your teeth.
  • Fourth, Retrofitting the current bathtub area with a walk-in tub or shower. Many  companies sell walk-in tub and shower systems.  In fact, some come with a foldable chairs and flexible shower wands.  Then,  a very short step-up and other senior-friendly benefits.
Smart Medication Dispenser alarms system
Medication Management with a Smart Medication Dispenser alarms system

4. Consider the Outdoors

Next, senior falls will often happen outside of the home.  Therefore, it is critical to ensure the driveway,front entrance, porch and the front sidewalk are free of hazards.  All in all, this is just as important as making the inside of your home safe and easy to navigate.

Cracks in the sidewalk leading to and from your home scan be a potential accident.  In other words, have them repaired seasonally.  Another example, in cold climates, make sure all walkways  and sidewalks are clear of snow. Wood covered decks and porches can be especially slippery in wet weather conditions, so consider laying a rubber mat or adhering anti-slip grips to the base of your porch.

5. Make Doors and Windows Easy to open and close for Seniors With Arthritis

Caregivers, if you’re caring for a senior with arthritis, there are special challenges.  First, turning doorknobs and opening windows may can be really hard for senior hands and fingers.  As you can see, this can be a big problem in maintaining independence. Med-Q Medication Management system staff writer recommends, a lever-style door handle.  In fact, these are easier to use than the old fashion round knobs.

6. Try to Encourage some kind of Daily Exercise

a newly released study for Harvard Health Publishing.  recommends that elderly Men and Women ought  to do some simple exercises.  Hence,the study showed that excessies will balance and coordination.  The end results,  reduce risk of falls and making your supporting muscles stronger. Consider trying the following exercises:

  • Basic Bicycling
  • Walking up and down some stairs
  • A daily Walk
  • Light kinds of simple Weight training with hand weights or a machine
  • Yoga Classes

7. Let There Be Light

First of all, make the home bright .  Why,  Seniors that have vision issues will have a hard time seeing.  Hence, a greater risk of falls and other kinds of accidents. Second, make sure these areas are well lite: around entryways, hallways and stairway. mobile lighting discs can be purchased at virtually any store.  Med-Q Smart Medication Dispenser flashing LITE-BOX is a typical example of the use of bright lights.

Medication Dispenser alarms
Medication Management with a Smart Medication Dispenser alarms system

 You can also install glow-in-the-dark light switches or motion-sensor lighting throughout your home.  In other words, Subsequently, Dad doesn't need to search to find the light switch when it is  dark.

8. Restrict Access to  Dangerous Zones for Seniors With Alzheimer's and Dementia

Undeniably,  if your Dad has Alzheimer's or dementia or another type of cognitive impairment, other steps need to be taken.  For example,  it is now important to restrict access to the outdoors.  To illustrate, this will prevent cases of alzheimer's' wandering.  Another example, restricting access to  dangerous household items like chemicals, household cleaners such as  bleach).  A medication organizer may lead to Dad taking medicines he ought not to be taken.  Keeps the meds in a smart medication reminder in a secured area that is not accessible to the sufferer.

9. Make It Easy to make a Phone Call if Help is needed

Fact, accidents will happen regardless of the level of preventive moves.  Meanwhile, you can never prevent the unexpected. If Dad is having an emergency,  he needs help immediately.  Hence,getting immediate the needed help is often the difference between life and death.

Perhaps, contract with a  call-assist service or personal emergency response system. A call assist service gives Dad a device to wear on around the neck or on the wrist. Primarily, in an emergency,  push a button and help will be summoned. Last,  make sure your loved one carries a cell phone on them.  Finally, make certain there is a telephone within arms reach of the areas that your Dad spends a lot of his "sitting" time.

10. First, take advantage of the newest, Modern In-Home Safety Devices for Seniors

Last, There are a hundreds of devices for sale designed to keep seniors safe and independent.  Other types of at-home safety devices for seniors include:

Med-q smart pillbox reminder success stories
Med-Q Pill Box Success Stories

Med-Q's suggestions can keep Dad (Seniors)  in their home safely

Thus,  these suggestions will actually extend the time your Dad will be able to stay in his home safely.  Again, these tips will help when , the care needed will exceed what the family caregiver is able to do.   What other products or tips have helped you keep your loved one safe at home? We’d like to hear your suggestions in the comments below.

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  • Finally, how can you How to Keep Your Elderly Dad Safe at Home?  Again, the MED-Q Best programmable medication dispenser Assist With Medication Management.  .  Caregivers can use the tips above to help Keep Your Elderly Dad  Safe at Home.   To sum up, the Med-Q Medication Reminder or Smart Medication organizer with Timer is the Number 1 way to  Keep Your Senior Dadout of assisted living.

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