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What Caregivers should do if Dad refuses Medication

What Caregivers should do if Dad refuses MedicationSmart Pill Organizer

6 ways to help Dad take the medication he needs when he needs it.  My Dad is refusing Medication to Take His Life Saving Meds. First of all, the problem is that my Father Won’t Take His Medications and supplements.  For many,  caregiving is just one new crisis after solving the old one..  However, it is not exaggerating when you say, ” It’s daily hassles are wearing me down”. For For example, make sure Dad is  managing medications properly with a medication organizer with alarms.  . Many caregivers feel frustrated when a parent or other family member rearranges the medication organizer.  Finally, simply forgetting to take medications buy  just saying “No!”

First the medical term for not taking meds as directed is called “Medical Non-Compliance”.  Hence, nonadherence is the failure to take medications on time or in the correct dose amount..  Obviously, improper dosages  as well as forgetting often leads to serious side effects or even worse.  For example,  confusion, dizziness or falls.  Again, falls can often result in emergency room visits as well as being hospitalized.

What can you do to help Dad when he is refusing to Take His Life Saving Medications?

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What Caregivers should do if Dad refuses Medication

First, start with what you shouldn’t do. In short, never get into an emotional struggle with your Dad. . By the same token, arguing with Dad or trying to coax him will end up with bad feelings from both.  Correspondingly, this will spill over into other aspects of the relationship.  Again, this type of behavior will not alter anyone’s behavior anyway.

Better Approach on What Caregivers should do if Dad refuses Medications:

1. Consider getting a Smart Medication Organizer with alarms. 

Med-Q Medication Compliance system staff writer says, ” Using a smart medication organizer helps to create a comfort zone. First, Elderly Men and Women suffer from AIMM’s (Age Induced Medication Mistakes). The problem will be made worse with Alzheimer’s or Dementia issues.  Making a medication organizer with alarms the first line of defense to ensure proper dosing.

2. Set-up an evaluation meeting. 

For example, your Dad can have an undiagnosed depression.  In addition, he may be suffering with  cognitive impairment.  Hence, this  is affecting his  ability to take his pills as directed(Prescribed medication regimen). On the whole, be sure to ask your health care profession or the doctor for a current evaluation.

3. Keep an up-to-date medication list on hand. 

First, make sure you include everything Dad is member taking.  This will include over-the-counter meds.  For example,  aspirin, laxatives, vitamins, cold medicine as well as herbal supplements.. There are many online tools to help keep track.  Med-Q Medication organizer recommends:  UHF Next Step in Care medication management form.

What Caregivers should do if Dad refuses Medications

Review the medication list frequently.  Always, recheck after an emergency room visit or hospitalization

4  Find out if the medications are really necessary to be taken.

First, take your current medication list with you on the next doctor’s appointment.  Second, tell the doctor to check the medication combination.  In like manner, lowering the number to the bare minimum can prevent negative side effects.

 Anne Myrka, a pharmacist at IPRO, the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization for New York state, in contract with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, advises:

“Ask the doctor if each drug is necessary, whether it is appropriate for the person you are caring for, and whether it can be administered once a day instead of, say, every four hours.” Finally, Caregivers know that reducing the number of pills is a big help.

To sum up, the smaller the number of pills to be taken, the smaller the problem will be.

4. Centralize medication records by using a single Pharmacy

If possible, use only one pharmacy.  Moreover, this will keep all your Dad’s records are in one location. However, if you get your scripts through a mail order plan, talk to the pharmacists on call.  In the same way, they will discuss the prescriptions with you or your Dad.

5. Keep Talking with your Dad

Given these point, now comes the hardest part. First, talk with your Dad.  Second, ask him why  he doesn’t like certain pills.  Third, ask hi if he forgets to take them. Finally, is he using a smart medication organizer with alarms as a reminder?

Here are some common excuses for Medication Non-Compliance  (Forgetting or Overdosing)

My Pill Organizer is too confusing
My neighbor took this drug and had a stroke.
I feel better, so why do I need to take any medications?
I can’t afford all these pills. and I don’t like the way the drugs make me feel.
The pills are hard to swallow.

smart medication organizer with alarms

Aging Parents Won’t ListenWhat Caregivers should do if Dad refuses Medication

In conclusion, the list of reasons for noncompliance goes on and on.  In any event, know that there may be valid reasons (intelligent nonadherence)  Hence, not willful bad behavior on Dad’s part”   In essence,  tDad’s sense that something is wrong and that a specific pill might  be the cause Again, this is the time to ask the doctor or pharmacist a solution.  For example,  a different formulation or a better explanation of why the drug is important to Dad’d health and Independence..

With a reduction in pills as well as an accurate list in place, set up an easy medication reminder process. There are many different types of medication organizer.  The newest pill boxes will give flashing notifications  and audio reminders..  Given these points, medication compliance will be an ongoing struggle.  Your part will be to reduce Dad’s pill taking burden in a smart way. In exchange, it is more likely that Dad is going to follow directions. To sum up, there is no doubt that  both be better off.

Finally,MED-Q Best programmable medication reminder alarm if Dad is refusing Medication.  

The newest smart medication reminder is for Caregivers to help Dad take his Pills and supplements.  Again, now is the to act if Dad is refusing  to take the Medication.   What to do when Dad’s pills are is a mess?  To sum up, the Med-Q Medication Reminder or Smart Medication organizer with Timer is the Number 1 Medication organizer caregivers tool.

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