MED-Q Smart Medication Dispenser with Alarms

Smart Medication Dispenser with Alarms


Smart Medication Dispenser with alarms Prevents mistakes.

Smart Medication Dispenser with Alarms
med-q smart pill box

How do you Remember when it’s time to take your pills?  If you are using an old fashion pill box or pill organizer . you are asking for trouble.  Trying to remember take the correct prescription medication right at the right time is very hard for Senior’s.

As a matter of fact, peoples who are taking many daily medications need a Smart Medication Dispenser with alarms.  The old dumb pill boxes that are currently being used is not working properly.  This leads to over dosing and forgetting life saving pills and supplements.

Smart Medication Dispenser with AlarmsManaging a Medication Regime

The problem, a Medication Box is that the person needs load the pillbox every week.   The Pill box shows no data regarding proper doses or the times that they need to be taken.  Pillbox is a smart medication dispenser with alarms.   The  Polish company  design  goal was to make it simple for people to stick to their own personal prescription regimen.

Sponsored by Med-Q Pill Box. Med-Q is the Best Pill Organizer with Alarms

Smart Medication Dispenser

A PILLBOX for Medical Non-Compliance

Med-Q Pillbox is a new type of of  Smart Medication Dispenser with alarms with a  controller unit as well as Individual Pill Compartments.  They device is totally portable and was designed to be easy to use.  A smart pill box for elderly in addition to the disabled.

It has a large screen for viewing, Braille markings, an alarm, and light indicators.

It has been synchronized via the Dr. Poket app.  This allows the Individual as well as their caregiver manage their medication. The Smart app will notify the user when it is time to take the pills.  The Pillbox will automatically dispense the pills at the same time.

Making it easier,  Dr. Poket also has a built in bar code scanner.  This will give the user access to information about possible negative side-effects. The app will also tell you if the prescription is running low.  This will give the user plenty of time to get a prescription refilled.

PillBox has a Kick starter Program

The Pillbox investment group has begun a kick  starter campaign.  Their goal is to  raise funds to be able to do the final product testing.  After successful testing, the Pillbox will be sold on a large scale. The anticipate delivery date, July 2107.  Now you can get the Smart Medication Dispenser with alarms Prevents mistakes.Med-Q Pill Box Organizer for Dad


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