Med-Q electronic pill dispenser is the newest electronic medication dispenser

To illustrate, Assistive Technology keeps Seniors at Home. First of all, an electronic medication dispenser machine is designed to dispense different senior’s medications. Second, Med-Q electronic pill dispenser provides pills according to prescribed dose and specified time. Third, the newest electronic medication dispenser can be personalized to one’s’ own specific specifications. To sum up, the electronic pill dispenser machine is the first line of defense for good health. Again, the same applies to senior’s independence.

Med-Q Medication Management Systems says, “The World market for electronic pill dispenser machine market was valued at $1.8 Billion in 2015 and is projected to reach $3.3 billion by 2025. The growth is part of our aging population.”

Med-Q is America’s Best Electronic Pill dispenser

Assistive Technology for Seniors at Home

electronic medication dispenser
Med-Q electronic medication dispenser

Gadets abound to help seniors live a better life.

Medication Mistakes is now the 3rd leading cause of death.   The Med-Q SMART Medication Compliance System’s Flashing Guides and Repeating Alarms keeps Loved Ones from becoming a statistic.    Finally, a “Caregiver’s electronic medication dispenser” that actually works!. Technology to help seniors age in place has gone far beyond grab bars and fall-alert buttons worn around the neck. Today, there’s a host of electronic pill dispenser for medication management. These sophisticated electronic medication dispensers are the first line of defense against medication errors.

electronic medication dispenser
MED-Q Smart electronic medication dispenser Prevents Medication Mistakes

The best electronic pill dispenser choices for men and women who want to stay at home depend on their medical condition, budget and personal preferences, says Dr Marnie, an geriatric specialist in Phoenix Arizona.

A geriatric physician is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease and disability in older adults. Geriatric physicians are primary care doctors who are specially trained in the aging process. The will specialize in Age Induced Medication Mistakes (AIMM’s)

Finally, the goal ought be, Find the best electronic pill dispenser electronic medication dispenser that fits the lifestyle. In short, do your homework before [picking a pill dispenser for loved ones.

Med-q smart pill box dispenser
Med-q smart pill box dispenser testimonials

How to prevent Forgetting and Overdosing on Life saving Prescription Medications

Furthermore, medication errors can be deadly. Again, all forgetting or overdoing can put loved ones in the Hospital. In addition, preventing medication errors will keep seniors out of assisted living.

  • First, 120,000 premature deaths from medication errors in 2015
  • Second, a full 10% of all hospital and ER visits arise from prescription med mistakes
  • Third, over 25% of assisted living admits are from mistake with pills and supplements.
Med-Q electronic pill dispenser

Med-Q electronic pill dispenser

Rise in incidence and forgetting and Overdosing

Again, medication errors are on the rise. The prevalence of new disease is raising the number of pills that seniors are taking. Hence, the more pills, the more chances for mistakes. The Wall Street Journal, calls this “America’s other Drug Problem”. Med-Q electronic pill dispenser is the newest electronic medication dispenser to attack the issue. A simple, reliable as well as affordable medication dispenser can solve the problem. This applies to both the patient and their caregiver. In addition, growth of the senior population is expected to make the problem worse.

Key Feature to look for in an Automatic Pill Dispenser Machine

med-q pill dispenser with alarms
Take a proactive stance with medication

The American Healthcare System needs the Med-Q electronic pill dispenser

In addition, 50% os seniors (age 65 and above) are taking at least 8 different prescription pills or supplements every day,. The number of pills has grown by 18% form just 15 years ago., Furthermore, the number taking no pills at all has dropped from around 25% in 1992 to just 6% today.

For example, a researchers study followed over 20 Thousand seniors. Correspondingly, the study was for tracing two long-term health studies which began in the 1992.  For example, Some said they were on up to 25 pills as well as tablets each day.

Med-Q electronic pill dispenser
smart programmable pill box reminders .

Researchers have shown concern at the increasing number of prescription and over-the-counter medicines. In short, ‘polypharmacy‘. Studies show polypharmacy often will raise the risk of dangers of negative interactions between different prescription drugs. Furthermore, the risk is much higher with older men and women.

100% compliance in just 1 week

Best Automatic pill reminder with alarm for Seniors

For example, I came across Med-Q while searching the internet for an electronic pill dispenser. We couldn’t be more pleased with the Med-Q electronic medication dispenser. We bought this for our Grandma. First, it was really easy to program. It takes up little space, and best of all, looks just like her old pill box. I know grandma is taking her pills even though I live First, Grandma was missing doses. Second, she was double and triple dosing to catch up. Sometimes no meds were being taken at all. The Med-Q electronic pill dispenser means no more reminder phone calls. Thank you for all of your great electronic medication dispenser. Med-Q is helping grandma maintain her health and lifestyle.

We looked at several medication dispensers, but Med-Q stood out

MED-Q pill alarm clock Success Story

Med-Q Medication dispenser is very easy for my dad. The individual boxes make the weekly refills simple. We love the capacity of the pill boxes because they fit all of Dad’s pills. It has made a world of difference with Dad’s pills. His “medication compliance” has gone to almost 100%. Thinking of getting another box for my wife. I love that Med-Q’s alarms keep repeating until the pills are taken. The flashing guides solves the “forgetting the day of the week” problem that dad was having. Couldn’t be happier with Med-Q electronic pill dispenser.

e;electronic medication dispenser with alarms
Smart Pill Dispenser alarms
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