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Ways you can “Unplug” from Caregiving Burnout

Ways you can “Unplug” from Caregiving Burnout

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Caregiving Burnout
Caregiving Burnout

Negative Effects of Caregiving Burnout.  It’s estimated that over 43 million adults in the U.S. provides unpaid care  in the past 12 months.  This was published the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP.

First, you now have the role of a long-term caregiver for your aging Mom and Dad.  Second, you are getting more  and more “caregiving burnout” every single day. A close friend tells you that he isn’t able to use a five day beach home.  In fact,  it was already paid for. They said, “You can take their reservation at no cost”.  However, the reflexive response  is a big “No Can Do”.

Furthermore, you could get the time off at work..  However,  who is going  to take care of your parents?  The guilt can be over whelming.  If you could arrange for some respite care, how would you be able to go with out being mentally stuck back home?  The caregiving role has become your identity.  The result will be Care giving Burnout.

The Caregiver Burnout “fix it” mentality means you  won’t be able to think about what is happening at home

For some caregivers, it is possible that you can.  First, be provocative in your own health.  Second, use proper planning.  Third, use small  breaks.  This will help you come home refreshed and ready for tomorrow. However,  each caregiving situation is totally unique on to it’s self.  Give up on the idea that you will be worry free during a get away trip.  This is being overly optimistic.  This being said, here are some pointers to take create or take advantage of down time.

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Ideas that can reduce Cargiving Burnout and Stress

Caregiver Alert,  you need as well as deserve a break. Again, the issue is not how much you love your Mom or Dad.  For example,  the daily grind will often  exhaust you.  For many, it’s truly mind numbing. To sum up, caregiving needs needs regular breaks to avoid Caregiving Burnout.

As with any job, paid or unpaid, people need a break.  In work, this is a vacation.   The vacation helps to rejuvenate body, mind and even your spirit. The problem, caregivers don;t take that needed break.  Furthermore,  the care receiver(s) will  not realize the level of burnout.

Make sure they have their prescription medications and supplements.

Seniors need an automatic pill reminder with alarm.  This remover the load and reduces caregivers burnout.

One of the toughest parts of planning can be having prescriptions filled because insurance generally makes people wait pretty close to the cutoff time before obtaining refills. However, do everything you can to make sure that the medications needed are up to date and then arrange to have someone to mail or pick up whatever you couldn’t have filled.med-q pill dispenser machine

Plan, plan, plan.

To illustrate, the more you’ve done in advance will help reduce caregivers burnout.  Hence, the less stressed and more relaxed you’ll be while you are on break.

First, use a in-home agency recommended by friends, and set up an interview with them. Make sure you are satisfied.  Second, have the caregiver go to your parent’s home for he chosen times.  Finally, when assisted living is an option,  you will have to coordinate with them. All together, Caregiving Burnout will be kept in check.

Detaching may be the hardest step, but unless you do so, you aren’t really taking a vacation. Admitting that you need a break is key to helping you recognize, prevent and avoid caregiver burnout. You can’t control what will happen tomorrow. You can’t control how your parents will react to your absence. But you can control (to some degree) your worry, because that stems from your attitude.

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