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Top reasons seniors aren’t taking medication properly

The top reasons seniors aren’t taking medications properly

taking medicationFirst,  seniors aren’t taking medication properly.  There are many reasons.  From not using a smart programmable pill dispenser to cost issues..  Second,  many seniors will switch to natural remedies instead. For example, elderly men and women are choosing to take fish oil for their heart.  This is done instead of taking the  prescribed stains for controlling heart disease. Unfortunately, fish oil has not bee proven to t work for that reason.  In fact, an example of not taking pills that can prevent heart attacks.  To sum up, even more important for someone at high risk.

It’s great to use lifestyle changes and a healthy diet to improve overall health

This being said,  there are many times that prescription medications are absolutely critical.  The need is based off of a  serious type of  health condition.

smart programmable pill dispenser
MED-Q smart programmable pill dispenser

Often times seniors will stop taking medication because they feel OK.  For example, seniors might  stop taking their prescribed medication as directed.  They will do this for several weeks.  The goal, see if they feel OK with put the meds.  They just want to  see what will happen.  If they feel good, the assumption is made that  the medication isn’t needed because it wasn’t doing a thing anyway.  Unfortunately, patients can not know that the medications to treat diseases like heart disease or high blood pressure just aren't  working.  Why is this the case?.  Again, these kinds of conditions have no noticeable overt  symptoms. Hence,  finding out that the medication was vital when they experience a heart attack or stroke.  To sum up, now it is  clearly too late.Smart Pill Box alarm timer
Prescription Medication can be very is expensive

Hence,  even if it’s affordable, many think it’s not worth the price. Individuals may feel like their health condition isn’t a big deal.  Hence, no need to spend money on medicine.  If the prescription is pricey,  people feel even more like;y not to be taking them.  Another example,  if money is tight right now, some will take less than the prescribed dose.  They are trying to  make the pills last longer.  In fact,  that just makes the medicine much less effective.  Less effectiveness means lesser outcomes.  In the short run, it might seem like not taking medication saves some money. However,  in the long run, it will  cost mush more in hospital and medical bills when a health crisis hits.

When seniors can't take medication as prescribed

There are reasons for medication non compliance.  For example, the negative  side effects of some treatments.  Another example, having  financial difficulties that prevent your elderly mom from taking her medicine.  Be sure to talk to her  doctor right away.  A good health care professional will  help Mom find the right treatment and tell you where to go for financial help.  For example, there are programs that help with prescription costs

smart pillbox with alarm time
smart pillbox with alarm time

Use a smart programmable pill dispenser

Other  tips for convincing seniors with dementia to take medication is using a electronic pill dispenser or some type of pill reminder with alarms.  The new pill boxes will have personalized alarms to help remind that it is pill time.  Some of the best pill dispensers will use flashing LITE-BOX guides to show the senior which pills tom take,  It makes pill taking time into a game with a winner.  To sum up, a smart pill organizers is needed to  track of doses, and reminder the seniors not tot forget.

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