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Medication Box for Seniors fears

Programmable Medication Box with Alarms for Senior’s

MedQ Medication Box success story

Know what Pills your Loved One’s are taking

As your loved one ages, he or she will experience AIMM’s . This is age Induced Medication Mistakes.  This is not to be confused with Alzheimer;s and other types of dementia.    The senior may develop negative reactions to their medicine.  This in turn , can lead to many medications being prescribed by a bunch of  different doctors.  It is essential to treat illness, however, taking many prescriptions can be risky.programmable pill box with alarms

(Philadelphia Pa,  Samantha B).    The “B” family was at “wits end’.  They were all working together to keep their Grandpa out of a nursing home.  He is 83 years old and in good physical shape. The problem, he keeps forgetting to take his pills.  His old medication box was just a pill organizer and did nothing to remind him.  The problem was getting worse and worse.  One time, he took four days worth of pills and ended up in the ER.

Medication Box with alarms  for Senior’s fears

First of all, Samantha’s Dad is a typical reason that the Med-Q medication box with alarms was invented.  The problems of Mom forgetting pills and Dad forgetting medication is no small problem.  Medication errors is the #3 leading cause of death, behind cancer and Heart disease.  The tragedy is that medication error can be solved with a smart pill box or some type of  pill organizer.  The costs are minimal compared to the savings in human suffering and medical cost.Best Auto Pill Dispenser with Alarms

Med-Q  programmable pill box with alarms saves more than lives.

taking medicationKnow Your Loved One’s Prescription Medications

Develop A Medication Schedule

Work with Caregivers and Healthcare Providers

Be Aware of Side Effects

Keep Your Loved One Safe

Keep Others Safe

Proper Disposal of unused meds

Use a programmable Medication reminder with alarms

Use modern Technology

Med-Q programmable pill box with alarms
Smart Medication

A Programmable Pill Box with alarms keeps Loved Ones at Home

Over 25% of assisted living facility admits and Nursing home admits are necessary because the individual cannot manage their medication properly.   When it comes to medication errors, there is no such thing as a “Small Mistake”.  Your Med-Q medication box with alarms is your Simple, reliable , affordable solution to to medication mistakes. MedQ medication Box to the rescue.  Med-Q  programmable pill box with alarms to the rescue.