MED-Q Smart pill box with alarm

MED-Q Smart Medication Alarm Clock makes an impact

Smart Pill Dispenser with Alarm

MED-Q Smart Medication Alarm Clock makes an impact

Nurses caring for Patients taking prescription medication have one less thing to worry about.   First, Smart Medication Alarm Clock is ready to make an impact. Second, MED-Q programmable pill dispenser, manufactured by Just Plain Better, Inc. of Phoenix, Arizona is a triple alarm pill reminder. Third,  Nurses are able to schedule medications alerts so the patient takes their meds.

box with alarms for Alzheimer'sMED-Q Smart Medication Alarm Clock Systems

According to Med-Q Medication Alarm Clock, their triple alarm system makes forgetting Medication virtually impossible.  Furthermore,  audible alarm and a visual alarm alert the patient when it’s time to take their medication. Moreover,  visual alert shows exactly which pills to take.   However, In order to receive FDA approval, MED-Q Timer Pill Box has to do usability testing with people ages 24 to 86.  To sum up, Seniors start out reluctant to use the Med-Q Medication Alarm Clock.

No more mom forgetting pills or dad forgetting medication 

Samuel Demar, staff writer, gives us these examples.  It has proven useful to nurses who are now able to spend more time caring for their patients and less time managing medications.  Brea W, a Rn in Phoenix, AZ.  Said,  it is very good because now I don’t have to worry about sorting pills. For example, whether the patient took their medication.

We are in the Golden age of medicine.  Diseases that were once a death sentence are now manageable or curable.  An illness like Cancer can be treated with a host of New Age protoplasmic that can cure this once fatal disease.  Modern technology from CAT scans to smart pill boxes means people are living longer.

FDA approval of a new Pill Box

A new type of pill dispenser is being reviewed by the FDA.   The MED-Q Pill Dispenser creator answered the need for an Automatic Pill Dispenser.   Likewise, patients who were forgetting to take their pills.  Again the goal was to create an electronic nurse who reminds the patient to take their meds.

The average age expectancy has risen

First, Two Hundred years ago, if you lived to the age of 50, you were lucky. Second, now, the average age reported be. 78.74 years old.  Third, United States average life span in the year 2010 was 78.8 years old.,  Finally, Currently the averages are 80.1.  Guys in our country have an average life span of 76.1 years, conversely female’s is 80.9.  Again, difference in life expectancy between men and women is shrinking each year

 This being said, the average life span is growing each year.  Treatments that have been discovered during the modern Golden age of medicine . The hope,  insure that this trend will continue.  The treatments that is almost like a miracle, is gene, or DNA therapy.  Treating illnesses on the genetic level has produced amazing results.

In conclusion, Nation having the longest  and shortest life span
  • In 2013, the nation with the longest lifespan expectancy is the country of Monaco.  They top the charts at 88.47 years old. The nation experiencing the shortest life span is the nation of Chad .  They have a shocking span of only 48.33.
  • That being said, medication mistakes are the #3 cause of preventable deaths.The challenge now is how to use technology , like a smart pill box, to maintain Independence and Quality of Life.    U Owe it to yourself and your loved ones to try the new wave of smart pill boxes and medication reminders.  Again, so you can take full benefits of modern medications..

pill box testimonialsModern Life Expectancy at 65

Presently, Life expectancy when people turn Sixty-Five is approximate years an Individual at age 65 can hope to keep living.  . Life expectancy determines the average age folks will statistically remain alive.  Note, these are statistics, each person will have individual results.  For more specific Information visit CDC.

he electronic pill Alarm clock is like a 24 hours a day, seven days a week nurse.

MED-Q Pill Dispenser works nights, weekends, holidays and takes no vacations.   With MED-Q Pill Box nurses can concentrate on what they do best, caring for the patients.

MED Q Medication timer can be used to serve the chronically ill and those with traumatic brain injury.   A great medication reminder for Alzheimer’s forgetting medication or mom forgetting pills.   It is even good for dad forgetting medication or forgetting depression medication.  The company is also talking to the military for  patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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MED-Q Smart Medication Alarm Clock
America’s best, MED-Q Smart Medication Alarm Clock
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