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Upgrade your old pill dispensing machine with Lock for Taking Your Prescription Pills

 Many older people are on prescription pills regime. First, upgrade your old fashion auto pill dispensing machine. Moreover, it is time to Upgrade your old Auto pill dispensing machine with lock.  Everything from pain, heartburn, incontinence, or depression. First of all primary care visits tend to be busy.  Second of all, it’s easy for doctor to postpone following up.  Third of all, patients may wait on the symptom indefinitely. Samuel Demar, staff writer for the Smart pill dispensing machine says, “In fact many symptoms would benefit from non-drug treatment”.  In many cases, starter prescription pills doses are prescribed, but never adjusted

Warfarin is a common causes of medication-related hospitalizations.

To reduce the risk of serious problems, one may need to apply extra care in monitoring warfarin effect.  By the same token more care in checking for interactions when a new drug is prescribed.  Negative Side-effects because of  a strong effect on the elderly individual. 

Blood pressure medications have the goal  of lower blood pressure.

This can result in light headedness.  This in turn may even lead to falls.  This may happen if an older person stands. Blood sugar that is pushed quite low by diabetes drugs. Low blood sugar episodes can cause falls and have been linked to faster cognitive decline. Prescription Medication that actually lower blood sugar are part of many medication-related hospitalizations. The better technology makes it so auto pill dispenser with lock is no longer needed

Burden of scheduling and the properly  taking medications. Many older adults end up with several pills to take.  Taken at several different times per day. At a minimum, this is often a hassle; at worst it becomes a serious drain on quality of life.

Some older adults are unable to use an Auto pill dispensing machine with Locks

In fact, Seniors need to take all their medications properly.  By the same token, depending on which medications are missed, this can cause serious effects on an older person’s health.  In addition the cost of medications. Even with prescription drug coverage provided by Medicare Part D, the monthly costs of medications can be high. This is a burden for older adults.  Conversely, often have limited financial resources.

 It can also cause people to skip taking certain medications. In addition many will  not fill prescriptions for more expensive medications.  An example, inhalers.

There are of course many other medication-related problems that can occur. Especially when hospitalizations or multiple doctors are involved. But the ones above are especially common when it comes to the primary care of aging adults.

What You Can Do abut Medication Errors

First of all, get the best pill dispensing machine.  Second of all, Recognize your pills.  In an ideal world, every older adult would have access to a reliable process for reviewing medications, ensuring that the benefits outweigh the risks and burdens, and monitoring for side-effects and problems.  However, as many of you know, our healthcare system is not yet ideal for aging adults. So if you are caring for an older person and want to be proactive about checking on medications.  For example,  some specific things you can do.

Review the Beers List of Potentially Inappropriate Medications for Older Adults. See if your older relative is taking medications on the list. This document includes a comprehensive list of “anticholinergic” drugs.  Included should be other medications that are especially risky for the elderly.

Don’t panic if you discover that an older person is taking a medication on the Beers list.

Do plan on discussing with the doctor. You’ll want to understand why the benefits are likely to outweigh the burdens, and you can also ask if a lower dose is possible.  You can also review “Ten Medications Older Adults Should Avoid or Use with Caution,” authored by the American Geriatrics Society. This document highlights ten especially commonly used medications.  Theses can often be stopped or reduced.

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