pill dispensing machine for elderly

MED-Q pill dispensing machine for elderly

Med-Q pill dispensing machine for elderly

Amazing MED-Q pill dispensing machine for elderly

This MED-Q pill dispensing machine for elderly has a 14 day capacity.  First,  only if the elderly individual has one daily dosing time.  The pillbox  has 14 individual compartments.  Each compartment can hold up to 23 full size aspirins tablets. It comes with the days of the week boldly stamped on  the center of the compartments.  Again that tells the patient which day of the week it is.    To illustrate,  if the pill dispenser user takes pills 2 times a day, the box will show “Sun Morn, Sun Eve, Mon Morn, Mon Eve, etc”. The pill box will alternate the front and back row.  In the event of a fourteen  14 day capacity because you took 1 pill per day.

pill dispensing machine for elderly
pill dispensing machine for elderly

Blast Alarms that repeat

Amazing Med-Q pill dispensing machine for elderly also alerts the senior that it is time to take their prescription medications.  Again, the same with supplements.  Med-Q uses LED LITE-BOX Technology.  The bright red flashing light shows which pills to be taken.  In fact, the five minute alarm cycle will repeat every 25 minutets.  To sum up, this will continue until the pills have been taken.

pill dispensing machine for elderlypill dispensing machine for elderly  Missed Dosage Features

What happens if the  patient ignores the alarms,  First the alarms will continue for a full five minutes.   Second, if the pills are not taken the alarm will repeat.  This pill dispensing machine for elderly takes care of the problem.  For example, so that they have no access to the missed dose. This is useful in preventing future double dosing. To sum up,  also useful to see if the senior is missing doses.  Caregivers are able to see if the boxes still filled with pills.  This pill box  does not lock.  This pill dispenser is not good for addicts.   Locked pill dispensers can be pried open if the person is desperate enough..

pill dispenserMED-Q pill dispensing machine for Dad Specs

This pill dispenser also requires 2 AA batteries.  These are not included with the purchase.  Med-Q comes in at 7.9 x 4.1 x 1.1 inches, weighing 10.5 oz.

The amazing med-q uses modern 21st century technology.  In fact , requires less skills than other pill dispensing machine for Dad .   First of all, we recommend MED-Q  for seniors with a level of independence. For example, they must be able to hear the alarms.  In addition, users must understand how to get the pills out of the individual compartments.

MED-Q pill dispensing machine to the rescue.

med-q pill dispensing machine
med-q pill dispensing machine

Now it’s time for you to take care of loved ones.  As they get older, the will experience AIMM’s (Age Induced Medication Mistakes).  To sum up, Med-Q pill dispensing machine for dad is the first line of defense for good health and Independence.buy pill dispenser

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