Best Smart Pill Alarm Clock for Seniors

Med-Q Pill Dispensing Machine for Mom

MED-Q Pill Dispensing Machine  machine for Mom

pill dispensing machine for Mom
pill dispensing machine

Amazing New Pill dispensing machine for Mom

The Beeping Alarms get louder and Louder.   This makes Med-Q perfect for the hearing impaired.  The beeping works as follows:

  • 100% volume for the first 2 minutes.
  • The alarm gets 50% lewder for the next two minutes.
  • The alarm gets 50 louder for the last minute

Now it can be heard through out the house.  During prototype testing, the design team found that if the alarm started too loud, it would scare the senior.  We also found that the way Seniors would deal with the problem, was to take out the batteries.  Our design team was inspired to save lives.

pill dispensing machine for MomThe best pill box with LED LITE-BOX Technology & Triple Alarms.

As your parents age, the conversation may often turn to an assisted living facility.  First, this will drastically alter the personal family dynamic.  Second, Controlling medication often leads to divide approach from the parents children. Third, elderly are often quite resistant to the move.  Finally, they feel this way even after their health condition  deteriorates.  The  Med-Q Pill Dispensing Machine for Mom can keep her home as long as possible.

MED-Q pill dispensing machine for Mom
pill dispensing machine for Mom

Tips to keep Mom at home

There needs to be plenty of Light

  • Elderly Men and Women may have a difficult time seeing.  To illustrate, this will raise the chances of an accident. Make certain, all entryways, hallways as well as the stairs are brightly lie up.  Again, put some extra lighting if it is needed.   Smart people will place”glow in the dark” light switches on all outlets.  Consequently,  motion-sensor lighting the way throughout the home prevents accidents. In fact,  seniors no longer need to struggle looking for the light switch when it is dark.

Easy Access to Doors and Windows to accommodate Arthritis

  • For example, if the senior has arthritis, then opening windows and turning door knobs is hard.  The solution, lever-style door handle are easier than the more common round door knob.

Modern pill dispensing machine for Mom


  • What Makes Med-Q the Best Pill Box?  A flashing guide will direct Mom to the exact pills to take at the exact time.  What happens if Mom misses her pill time?  No worries.  First of all, Med-Q will repeat it’s alarms in 25 minutes,  Second of all, the flashing box will show Mom which pills to take.  Third of all, the alarm will keep getting louder so se=he can hear it.  To sum up, the smart pill dispensing machine for mom means she stays at home.  Try the smart pill box risk free in your own home.  Med-q Remembers so you don’t have pill dispenser alalrm
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