pill dispenser or medication reminder

Investing a little of your time in helping an elderly neighbor

Investing a little of your time in helping an elderly neighbor

Here are a few Tips on the ways to help one’s elderly neighbors.

smart programmable pill box reminders or electronic pill dispensers with alarms.
pill dispenser or medication reminder

For example, if you have a senior neighbor, try to invest some time in helping them. In fact, a little help is something that could really make their an elderly neighbor’s easier. For example, loading the pill dispenser or medication reminder with life saving prescription medications. Hence, in cases of not being familiar with your neighbor, introduce yourself, Second, make yourself very friendly as well extremely approachable.

The easiest thing you can do is ask nicely if they need anything. help with remembering to take their meds. Subsequently, most seniors are very capable (except with remembering to take medications), so don”t be condescending. The goal, inform them that your help is available from shopping to filling their pill dispenser if they need it.

Furthermore, things you can do for them all year. For example, helping around the house, running errands or filling a pill dispenser or medication reminder. To sum up, each and every effort will go a long way. Subsequently, you will be feel really good about yourself.

Keep Their Pill Dispenser or Medication Reminder properly filled

To illustrate, up to 90% of seniors forget or over dose on their pills and supplements. In fact, 25% of assisted living admits is caused by home medication errors. First, make sure your neighbors’ pill dispenser is full loaded. Second, remind them to take their pills when seen. Third, recommend a smart pill dispenser with alarms and flashing guide. The new generation of medication reminders will ensure they take their life saving pills.

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pill dispenser or medication reminder
Med-Q pill dispenser or medication reminder

Old fashion [pill boxes jut don’t get the job done. In addition, there are few things that are more important than taking life saving medications. To sum up, a daily phone call pi;l;l reminder can be the difference between life and death. Many seniors live far from their families, so they need your help to make sure the pill dispenser is properly filled

Giving them some Company

In short, today;s seniors often live far from their families. The results, family members aren’t able to visit that often. Hence, the amount of help they can provide is limited. The goal, talk to that senior next door neighbor regularly.

Take a proactive stance with medication
Investing a little of your time in helping an elderly neighbor

First of all, a quick, friendly chat can make a big difference in the senior’s day. Second of all, if you decide to visit or talk to them in passing, they will feel so much better. In short, having someone to exchange some conversation with is a blessing.. Be sure. always pay attention to what they are saying and telling you. Finally, slow down the pace of the conversation if needed to better understand. If you decide to visit, it is better to have a short visit but to do it more often. You could take a stroll around the neighborhood together. For example, seniors may want to do that but do not feel safe doing it by themselves.

Help Around the House

Seniors have difficulties in performing certain chores in the home. Fore example, reaching a top shelve, opening a food jar of filling a pill dispenser. In fact, things that were not even thought of before has become a problem. Furthermore, seniors find it hard to move, bend down or reach things. In fact, many have lost hand strength. First, offer to vacuum and mop their floors every once in a while. Elderly men and women can have unsteady hands. Result, problems doing the dishes, so that is another are where help can be provided.

Help Around the Yard

What to do if there is a yard. In fact, everyone knows that there’s always something to do. Again, in all four seasons. For example, if doing chores in your own yard, take the the time to expand the work to their yard. Physical work is challenging for senior men and women. To sum up, when seeing the yard taken care of, it can make them really happy. If you have a yard, you know there’s always something to do, regardless of the season. Help them in making their yard look nice too. When you are doing chores in your own yard, if you have the time, you can expand the work to their yard also. Physical work is challenging for many elderly people and if they see their yard taken care of it can make them happy.

In spring, pull weeds from the front yard. In addition, carry away any fallen branches. When you have time, mow their lawn. Another example, a ;lawnmowers is hard to operate. In addition, hard to use for seniors who have problems with their limbs.

Help during winter time is the most needed.

First, removal of snow and ice for sidewalks and driveways will increase safety The reason, most seniors can be badly hurt if they slip and fall. Also, you can make moving around more comfortable for them since many are afraid to go out when there’s snow.

In springtime, you can pull the weeds and remove any branches that have fallen on the ground. When you have time, mow their lawn. Lawnmowers can be hard to operate and move around for people who have problems with their hands or moving in general.


There are simple things we do every day and don’t even think about it. For example, filling a pill dispenser or medication reminder. Another example, just a friendly hello. Hence, many elderly may have big problems that affects their quality of life. To sum up, everyone should help a neighbor out. especially elderly neighbors. These actions will often make people feel valued as well as included. In conclusion, you can make them feel safer and more comfortable because they know your there for them.

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stored under lock and key

When you pay older people a visit, it is a nice thing to share something with them. They will feel appreciated and happy and know someone is thinking about them.

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