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Hottest “NEW” Electronic pill box for Grandpa

Hottest "NEW" Electronic pill box for Grandpa On the Market

Electronic pill box for Grandpa in Texas  is a hit

The Very "BEST" Electronic pill box for Grandpa means no more worry about him taking his medications. A new type of Smart Pill Box to the rescue.  Med-Q uses Modern LITE-BOX technology and blasting alarms to virtually eliminate medication compliance issues.

The Smart Pill Box for grandpa has these features

• PILL Box for 7 or 14 DAYS- .  First of all one puts their meds in the pill box compartments at the beginning of the week.  The MED-Q Weekly Pill Reminder with alarm can separate the pills into 14 daily compartments. Size of the compartments 1.2”*1.3”*0.99.  Second of all,  it fits all of prescription tablets, caplets, and supplement capsules.  Furthermore, each compartment holds 23 325mg aspirins. Excellent for those who require a big pill dispenser to hold all of the medications as well as vitamins.electronic pill box

•  Blasting loud ALARM CLOCK- The MED-Q medicine reminder can set up for 1 or 2 daily reminders.First. you program the MED-Q.  Second, at the programmed time, a  Loud Escalating Beeping Alarm will sound.. The pill planner will greatly aid in medication compliance.  To sum up,  you can stop taking wrong or missing medication.  A superior  reminder for caregivers as well as their patients/  In conclusion, the best electronic pill box for grandpa.

•  Personalized FUNCTION -- USE: The time setting on the pillbox must be simple.  In addition, inexpensive, easy to handle batteries should be uses.  Med-q uses 2 AA batteries with a life of over 1 1/2 years.  You can also wipe down the box easily. Moreover, the pill holder uses  LED LITE-BOX so it can easily be seen at night. Finally, Med-Q is very easy to open as well as  being ,ideally suited for senior and sick individuals.

• The need to be a TRAVEL HELPER-The Pillbox needs to be designed for travel.  Hence,  This medication box is ideal for two week trip. The tops stay closed.  Hence, the pills do not spill out all over the place.  Med-Q  electronic pill box for grandpa  is light weight for travel.

electronic pill box for grandpa
MED-Q electronic Pill Dispenser Alarm

The Automatic Pill Dispenser with Alarm is a medication reminder and automated Pill dispenser all in one

MED-Q is simply the most affordable device of its kind.  First of all,  Med-Q is an easy to use self-contained device.The Electronic Medication Dispenser is perfect for in home use.  In addition, it is great for  assisted care centers. The Medication box offers both  patients and their , caregivers peace of mind.  Hence, family members know that loved ones will only take the prescribed dose of their medications.  Again,  patient non compliance is eliminated.

The Nurse Inspired design makes it safe as well as convenient.  MED-Q pill dispenser features LED LITE-BOX technology.  The goal, a flashing guide to show which pills to take.  As we said before,  this will avoid over-medicating.

MED-Q has 14 medication compartments, this Pill organizer can be used for medication taken

For example, the genius design has Escalating alarm.  This means the alarms can be heard through out the home.  In addition, the bright flashing LED LITE-BOX will guide the user.  For example, what happens if you miss the pill time?  First of all, nothing to worry about.  MED-Q will not turn off until the  pills are taken and the next alert has been set.  In fact, the alarms will repeat every 30 minutes until the pills are taken.

Created to help Grandpa regulate the proper time for his meds. This system was  designed for the elderly Dementia sufferers.  In addition,  visually  as well as the mentally impaired.   To sum up, the more complicated the daily medical regimes, the more an electronic pill box for grandpa and others is needed..

MED-Q is the Best pill dispenser for Home UseLifesaving pillbox especially designed for deaf individuals

Fact, the problem is huge,  First of all, The World Health Organization(WHO) statistics show, " 85 Percent of people make regular medication mistakes.  In fact,  errors are usually made on a daily basis". The consequences of these mistakes are  shocking. Over 120 Thousand people died needlessly in 2014.  Furthermore,  Nine Percent of hospital visits is related to medication non compliance y.  In addition, 25 % of assisted living admits are a direct result of not having an electronic pill dispenser.

Genius Electronic pill box for Grandpa has addressed the issue with innovation.

Finally,  pillbox with alarms that actually works.  Med-q is  the "NEW" Electronic pill box for Grandpa On the Market.  To sum up,  the first step in solving the non-compliance problem. Again, The video can be viewed at

pill box for grandpa

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