Impact of Medication Errors on Patients

Impact of Medication Errors on Patients

Impact of Medication Errors on Patients

What is the Impact of Medication Errors on Patients?

Caregivers need to jump in here and get this medication compliance issue addressed

Is Dad taking his medication and supplements as prescribed

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Medication Errors

What is the Impact of Medication Errors on Patients? Problem one, he is taking them and then not remember he took them. Hence, he will double and triple dose. Why dose dad need a smart pill box dispenser? First, he must get the prescription bottles that are scattered throughout his home. Second, immediately get them organized in a smart pill dispenser. Third, know what dad is taking. In addition, it is important to know why he takes them. Furthermore, he must know when he’s suppose to take his prescription pills. What are the consequences of medication errors on patients, healthcare providers and hospitals?

If Dad is living alone a caregiver is a good idea?

Impact of Medication Errors on Patients

Impact of Medication Errors on Patients

There is a big problem with dad remembering his meds. However if your dad is having problems with taking daily medication having a caregiver “come by a couple of times every week” isn’t going to do much good. Furthermore, regardless of whether dad wants to or not, medication needs to be organized. Hence, the need for a smart pill box dispenser like the Med-Q Medication dispenser. Do not keep anything he isn’t taking. Consequently, never ever keep it “just in case”. Get a smart pill box dispenser. Of course, make sure it is re-filled every week.

Is dad still able to look at the clock and think, “Oh, it’s 11 O’clock, time for my morning prescription”? However, for many it’s not that simple. Family Caregivers ought to figure out a way to ensure your dad is taking his daily medication at the right time. The same applies for the right dose.

Med-Q pill dispenser for preventing forgetting and over dosing
Med-Q pill dispenser for preventing forgetting and over dosing

Start by organizing the prescription medications as well as supplenments

Get a smart pill box for the week

Now you can take the bottles and put them away. Again, dad can no longer get to them. My dad used to organize his own pills in an old fashion pill box. First, he had no levels of dementia. Second, with his good mind, there was no reason for me to worry about him taking his pills properly (as directed by his Health Care Professional). We all believed that he was doing fine. Again, we were very wrong. We found out that, he was organizing his pills in HIS order. The results, not taking them when he was supposed to take them.

We need to know what our parents are doing with there Life Saving Medications

First, many of use don’t know what our parents with their medications and supplements. However, we must stick our noses into the personal business regarding meds. Again, it is usually very uncomfortable and unwanted form the senior. The problem is made worse with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. In fact, when it comes to these cognitive illnesses, we must help to protect our parents. In fact, many sufferers don;t have the ability to safely take care of themselves. The goal, reduce the impact of Medication Errors on Patients.

impact of medication errors
Caregivers need Help

For example, Mark T. of Phoenix AZ, said, “My Mom finally lost her mind due to the disease process. Finally, he was completely unable to care for himself. Med-Q knows how much it can hurt to see your Dad like that. Consequently, one will finally come to the conclusion, “Dad who took care of you your whole life, now needs to be taking care of.

First of all, Alzheimer’s and dementia will only get worse over time. In short, it might be time to have a talk about what to do when the day comes and dad can’t care for himself. Again, try not to wait until that day comes to talk about the options. Have a family talk NOW. This thing with the medication is just the beginning. A med reminder is not going to be good enough. Finally, if dad has periods of lucidity try to talk to him about what he has in mind for himself.

A recognized a problem with steps to resolve it.

Med errors are usually the result of plain human mistakes

Fact, medication errors can cause severe physical injury and may even result in death. In fact, up to 90% of seniors make regular mistakes with their prescriptions and supplements. Furthermore, over 10% of hospital and ER visits are a direct result of medication non compliance.

Noncompliance is commonly used in regard to a patient who does not take a prescribed medication or follow the health care provider’s a prescribed course of treatment. An Individual who is demonstrating noncompliance is said to be non-compliant.

These mistakes are almost totally preventable. This being said, medication error lead to financial problems, psychological issues as well as high levels of emotional stress. This applies to both patient and healthcare provider

Possible Strategies to Prevent Medication Errors

First, There are many negative consequences of medication errors. The most sever can be death. For example, 25% of assisted living admits are from medication errors. The effects of moving into assisted living has not been discussed in this blog post. However, it is apparent that this all too common mistake. Finally, medication errors are really harmful to patients as well as the caregivers.There are many strategies that we can implement to minimize this preventable mistake. For example, Med-Q smart pill dispenser with alarms and flashing guides. For individual healthcare professionals, it is important to acknowledge medication errors

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