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Medicine Alarm Pill Box

Medicine Alarm Pill Box to the Rescue

Medicine Alarm Pill Box to the RescueHow to solve the the growing problem of being able to you manage your drugs.?  Med-Q Medicine Alarm Pill Box offers some expert advice on how to work with the health care professional to evaluate prescriptions.First, get a smart medicine alarm pill box.  Second ,  make a, andkeep, an updated list of all meds,supplements and vitamins.    The list should include dose and times.    Third, have the pharmacists to analyze your personal drug regimen.  To sum up, medication errors

Medical Definition of NoncomplianceNoncompliance: Failure or refusal tocomply. In medicine, the term noncompliance is commonly used in regard to a patient who does not take a prescribed medication or follow a prescribed course of treatment. A person who demonstrates noncompliance is said to be noncompliant.

can be prevented with action instead of reactions. Finally, modern health care systems are trying to cut costs by preventing unnecessary health care consequences for medication errors.

Conversations revolve around medication “non-compliant” among senior men and women

Hence, seniors MUST use a smart Medicine Alarm Pill Box for their meds.  In fact, those who don’t  are looking forward to an emergency room visit.  Furthermore, a shocking 10% of all hospital visits are from/caused by medication errors.  Med-Q recommends a medication management system with guides and alarms.  The goal, keep “non-compliant” patients medically.compliant.

The Story we hear, "I don’t know when I became a “non-compliant”

Seniors will have degrees of Age Induced Medication Mistakes (AIMM's).  First, this is NOT Dementia or Alzheimer's.  Hence, these are diseases.  AIMM's is part of the normal aging process.  This being said, some people are just plain stubborn.  They will not ask for help.  Putting pills in a smart Medicine Alarm Pill Box means they need outside help.   For sime, the streak began when they were kids. There was that stubborn approach to dealing with the pediatrician that kept dismissing advice.  Consequently, this behavior can land someone in the ER..

Americans as well as their physicians think that every symptom requires a drug

Still, many Americans—and their physicians—have come to think that every symptom, every hint of disease requires a drug.  An overflowing Medicine Alarm Pill Box can make you sicker than an emptyy pill box.  Doctor Vinay Prasad,at Oregon Health & Science University asks, “Where did people get that idea? They didn’t invent it,” The doctor continues on saying,  “They were spoon-fed that notion by the culture that we’re steeped in.”

Definitely, many claim it’s a culture we live in.  Med-Q says the experts we consulted, encouraged by intense marketing by drug companies.  The goal, sell more pills.  Moreover, tis style has harried the healthcare system.  To sum up, the problem is writing a prescription as the simplest and quickest way to address any concerns.

Medicine Alarm Pill Box how to lower the Growing Tide of Risk

For example, Patricia Rank’s issue began with a single prescription medication.  First, she was very stressed in her first job as a PA.  It should be noted,  a physician prescribed Xanax. “I wasn’t given any warning about anything at all, it was just presented as a safe drug,” Rank has reported. Within 10-12 weeks she was feeling depressed.  Furthermore, those feeling began to turn suicidal. “It scared me,” she recalls.

During the next 4-5 years, Patricia saw many different doctors.  The results, she was  prescribed more and more drugs.  First, she was taking ADHD medication.  Hence, the  Adderall was to try to lift her mood.  In addition,  help her focus.  The focus problem was caused  by negative side effects of another pill she was taking.  This one, being taken to improve her appetite and sleep. Finally, this medical "hodge-podge" led to worsening anxiety.

With doctors help, she stopped taking all but 1 pill.  The results were amazing.  She said." my Medicine Alarm Pill Box is almost empty!

Med-Q Medicine Alarm Pill Box Testimonials

  • Susan:     I am very happy with this pill box. I used to forget my pills, on occasion, now I don't. I have it in the kitchen and I can hear the alarm in my bedroom down the hall. I would buy it again.
  • Dan:    This product is extremely well made. The online photos do not do it justice.
  • Trisch:    I found it difficult to program, however, that just may be me. I purchased it for its intended use.

Americans taking over 5 prescription meds has grown 300%

At this time seniors are taking more than 5 prescription meds every day.  Also, the number has  tripled in the past 2 decades.  It should be noted, this is according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Med-Q Medication Management System found,  over a 30% of people 54 plius, were taking  6 or more drugs.  Finally, almost 10% were taking more than ten daily pills.

In some cases, taking many different kinds of drugs are “completely appropriate,” says Doctor Mike Hochman, of the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California. Following, the number of prescription seniors are taking is really starting to piles up.  Subsequently, as the numbers grow,  so does the need for caution.  Furthermore, Hochan states, “It is obvious that the risk of adverse events increases exponentially after someone is on 4 plus prescription meds”.

Matters are made worse with multiple doctors.

Whereas, we have found this to be especially true when there are many different doctors involved. Moreover, when there is bad communication between healthcare providers, this will often cause to some medication errors.  One doctor doesn't know what's in the patient's Medicine Alarm Pill Box. Finally, going to over 1 doctor is now typical.  In fact, 54% seniors taking prescription medications said they received them from two or more providers.

Finally, Med-Q Automated Medicine Alarm Pill Box with alarms is the gift of Quality of Life.

To sum up,  Med-Q Smart Medicine Alarm Pill Box reminder offers a  Back Guarantee.  Med-Q smart pill box  with alalrms and timer offers FREE Standard Shipping & Handling. At last, Award Winning Customer Service.

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