Need a pill dispenser with alarm and lock

Need a pill dispenser with alarm and lock

Need a pill dispenser with alarm and lock

Medication Reminder Device or Pill ReminderDoes your love one Need a pill dispenser with alarm and lock?  First, this is no small matter.  Potentially harmful forgetting or overdosing is all too common, says Steven Chen, Pharm.D.   Chen is the dean for clinical affairs at the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy. Chen, like many pharmacists is worried about overdosing.  They included one person taking a combination of pills (BP Meds) that may lead to  levels of  potassium to spike.  Hence,  triggers dangerous heartbeat abnormalities.  To illustrate, a mix of prescription blood thinner, a pain reliever with some dose of aspirin may lead to bleeding in the  stomach.  To sum up, is a pill dispenser with alarm and lock needed?

Identifying those kinds of medication risk needs to be evaluated

Still, stopping the drugs at the wrong times..  Hence, a pill dispenser with alarm and lock can help.  Note, many pill dispensers do not lock.  For example , the Med-Q pill dispenser with flashing Guides and blasting alarms.  When choosing the best pill dispenser, locking can be a must.

When is a pill dispenser with alarm and lock best?

Pat Gohrent, now 48, ran a busy deli and snow-plowing business in 2013.  He slipped on the ice and hurt his back.  He was  prescribed  a drug  combination including oxycodone.  Gohrent says he didn’t know then that oxycodone could lead to addiction.   He also says he wasn’t warned that he might need a pill dispenser with alarm and lock.  To sum up, locking can prevent mis-dosing.

Easy access to narcotics can  increases the risk of addiction

About 4 weeks after taking  the drug, Gohent start to abuse doses.  He’s is one of the millions of  people nationwide that need help.  So why would Gohrent start taking more medication that may  have been subscribed? For one thing, it's easy access to unlimited  prescribe drugs in legal and illegal ways.  For another thing, about the time Goehring realized the addiction, it was to late.

But many drug-safety experts recommend a pill dispenser with alarm and lock for narcotics

Two years ago, Pat talked to his’s doctor about how to treat his new found addiction.  Pat started using a Need a pill dispenser with alarm and lock.  He was able to slow down the doses and eventually kicked the habit.  Finally, a smart pill dispenser is just one of the ways to work towards solving the addiction.  To sum up, use everything and everyone you can .

Trying to Kick the Drug Habit

First, get a pill dispenser with alarm and lock.  Lock up your meds.  First, speak  to the doctor about whether you can reduce doses and fewer pills.  Obviously, this is well worth the extra effort.  Subsequently, over 50% of  people surveyed said they had spoken with a health care professional about quitting a drug.  In addition, over 65% said it worked well. When extrapolated to all of the U.S. adults, Med-Q can claim almost 40 million fewer prescriptions.

Here are tips on how to cut back on unneeded meds:

•Use a pill dispenser with alarm and lock to control usage

PAs are medical professionals who diagnose illness, develop and manage treatment plans, prescribe medications, and often serve as a patient’s principal healthcare provider. 

• Have a comprehensive anual drug review with your doctor or pharmacist. See “Give Your Drugs a Checkup: Reviewing Your Medication List Can Prevent Errors.”

• Prepare a list of ALL  healthcare providers a current list of your drugs.  Give a copy to friend, family and the doctors.  Furthermore, keep a copy in your wallet or purse.

• Finally, tryr non drug options first for some of the most common health problems. See “Try Lifestyle Changes Before Medication.”

Editor’s Note: This special report and supporting materials were present by Med-Q Medication Management System.  Most individuals do not need a pill dispenser with alarm and lock.  To sum up,  If a senior needs a locking pillbox to prevent errors, it may be time for additional healthcare.

Med-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarm does NOT lock

Again, Med-Q Need a pill dispenser with alarm the gift of Independence and Good Health.

To sum up,  Med-Q Smart Medication dispenser reminder offers, a 45-Day Money Back Guarantee.  Med-Q smart pillbox organizers offers FREE Standard Shipping & Handling. At last, Award Winning Customer Service.

Med-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarm does NOT lock


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