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MED-Q Smart Pill Box solves Dad Forgetting medication problem

MED-Q Smart Pill Box solves Dad Forgetting medication problem

Is Dad Forgetting medication a real problem

The answer is YES!.  Medication errors is the number 3 cause of death behind Cancer and Heart Disease.  To sum up,  MED-Q Smart Pill Box solves Dad Forgetting medication problem , no more dad forgetting medication.  There are many reasons for your Mom or dad to forget their pills. Finally, the consequences of mistakes can be fatal.  For example, Dad forgetting  pills leads to reduced Quality of Life, loss of Independence and sometimes even death.

med-Q 7 day pill boxThe shocking consequences of medication errors  is potential death.  

Again, It has been estimated by the CDC, that over 125, 000 people die each year from med mistakes.  Furthermore, this is only is the US. Consequently, the need for a smart pill box or some type of smart pill dispenser can solve Dad forgetting medication from happening again. Please go to   MedQ to see more.

MED-Q Smart Pill Box solves Dad Forgetting medication  Success Story

forgetting medication
forgetting medication

(June 24, 2016, Tomahawk WI).  Robert  was having troubles with Dad forgetting his prescription medications.  He tried the 14 day pill box.  It didn’t work for him.  Then I tried Posti-notes on the Medicine cabinet.  That didn’t work.

Next I tried daily phone calls.

 Dad said he was taking his pills.  When I went over to his house, I found out he wasn’t.  He said he meant to, but things happened after he got off the phone with me and forget.   Dad forgetting meds finally led to a trip to the Emergency Room.

The  MED-Q Smart Pill Box solves Dad Forgetting medication problem

pill box solves dad forgettingDad forgetting pills is no longer a problem anymore.  I go to her house and fill her Smart Pill box an it does the rest.  We have been using it for almost three months now and Dad hasn’t’ missed a pill.    If you have the Dad forgetting Medication problem, the smart pill dispenser is your answer.

Med-Q Electronic Pill dispenser with alarms for 1, 2, 3 or 4 Daily Medication Reminders for Prescriptions and Supplements

MedQ Saves more than LivesCLICK— Cost of a 1 Bedroom Assisted Living Facility monthly cost in your State. Dad forgetting prescription medication is no small problem. 125,000 people dies each year from med mistakes.  You can prevent your dad from becoming statistic.

Med-Q prevents Mom forgetting medication and Dad forgetting pills
smart pillbox alarm
America’s best Pill reminder with LITE-BOX Guides and Repeating Alarms
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