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Med-Q Electronic Pill dispenser is Pill box with Alarm

Med-Q Electronic Pill dispenser is Pill box with Alarm that's a Senior’s Best Friend

What is an Electronic Pill dispenser that is also a Pill box with Alarm?  Simply put, an Med-Q Programmable Pill dispenser is Pill box with Alarm is an simple, reliable as well as affordable way of managing your prescription medications and supplements. First, these electronic pill dispenser have been engineered to be user friendly. Second to take on the responsibility of remembering medication. However, programmable pill dispensers are not the same or equal. Finally, personal research is needed to be able to pick the pill box with alarms that is best.

Everybody is calling for big reform in the medical system

Moreover, Even with all the current demand for a complete over haul of the U.S. medical system. Furthermore, as well as the aging populations fear’s of not having Medical coverage. Again, many folks are completely unaware of 1 of the biggest problems. The problem, seniors forgetting their prescription pills. Indeed, Many Scientist claim that 1/3 of Men and Women take their prescriptions properly. Hence, 1/3 have been found to be skipping them altogether and the final 1/3 isn’t not taking them as prescribed.

Med-Q Electronic Pill dispenser
Med-Q Electronic Pill dispenser is Pill box with Alarm is a Senior’s Best Friend

Med-Q Programmable Pill dispenser is Pill box with Alarm

Not using a Med-Q Programmable Pill dispenser is Pill box with Alarm has been labeled, “America’s second drug problem”.  Non-compliance is the medical term for not taking medication as directed. Shockingly, this problem leads to 11% of all ER and hospital admits. Even worse, 25% of all nursing home and assisted living facilities admissions are premature.

electronic pill dispenserWhy do seniors need an an Electronic Pill Dispenser

The reason for an electronic pill dispenser is simple. Most seniors forget to take their pills and need help. Morover, Most Elderly Men and Women take 7-8 pills a day. In fact, can be taken at different time. Some need to be taken with food. As i said earlier, The amount of the dose as well as the frequency makes it very hard to keep track of them. Subsequently, how confusing can it be for your Mom and Dad?

Imagine One prescription pill is taken 3 times every day. Many others are taken two times and and a third is taken every other day, It is easy to see how easy it is to mix up your medications and make lots of mistakes. An electronic Pill Dispenser with alarms as well as some other kind of smart pill box or pill holder can provide the help that seniors need with their pills.
electronic pill dispenser

Med-Q electronic pill dispenser

Set your Med-Q Programmable Pill dispenser with alarms for 1, 2, 3 or 4 Daily Medication Reminders
Prescription Pills can save you life, if taken wrong, the can have the exact opposite. Prescription medication errors are way more than just a small mistake. They can be deadly. In 2014, medication errors became the Number Three leading cause of preventable death in the US. To make sure that seniors take their pills, many different pill boxes or pill organizers are available. These Pill Holders have a grouping of compartments to hold each day/time’s prescription meds. The old fashion pill box that has been used for 100’s of years. 21st Century technology offers a cutting edge pill box with Alarm that seniors can use. Here are some of the most popular electronic pill dispensers for your review.

Old Fashion Pill Box organizer.

These are generally designed for One 7 day period (week) as well as four weeks. The pill organizer has with compartments that hold the dose in a box marked with the day. Many individuals will have their pharmacist fill the pill organizer for them when they get their prescription filled. Many of these cheap boxes are priced under Ten Dollars as they have no frills or reminder capability.MED-Q Smart Medication Timer

Med-Q Electronic Medication Dispenser Alarm SystemElectronic Pill Dispenser with alarm.

If you are having problems recalling your pills, you are certainly not alone. A new generation of Pill Boxes has made storage and guiding and reminding all in one. A Smart pill box like the Med-Q electronic Pill dispenser uses triple alarms to remind seniors. The alarms use bot visual and audio reminders to make sure the right pills are taken at the right times. It costs less than 60 dollars and is worth every penny.  To sum up, Med-Q Smart Pill box with alarms saves lives.

When remembering to take pills is a problem.

Having an organizer that gives you an alarm or a visual reminder can help. You can buy a pill reminder for under $35. First of all, a pill organizer with alarms like the Vitamin and Pill Organizer with Timer has audio/video reminders that tell you it’s time to take your prescription medication.  Second of all,  another choice is the the Meddyert Automatic Pill Dispenser with Alarm. It has a small blinking light and beeping alarm. The alarms and flash will not stop until the unit is tilted and the pills for the given dose are removed. The pillbox has a lock that prevents tampering as well.

Prepackaged prescription services.

There are Companies offering this service. They will then coordinate all of your prescriptions, OTC (over-the-counter) pills as well as vitamins. The pills will be delivered in individual packets. Each packet will also be marked for each dose. They are Often arranged in a long, perforated strip in a container box, you simply pull the right packet off the dispenser strip. One such service is called the Daily Med.

Medication monitoring services.

Sometimes the only way to be sure is to see it with your own eyes. However, that’s impractical three or more times a day on a daily basis. Even if living in the same home, much less if you live across the country. Fortunately, a variety of monitoring services has emerged recently to bring peace of mind and assure that pills are being taken on schedule. Many of these systems use wireless communication. Others, the internet and/or telemonitoring. Designed to be certain if medication was properly taken. In fact, they are usually subscription-based services. A monthly charge will be billed. In addition, upfront cost of the pill dispenser unit.

A variety of features are available

America's Best Pill Box Alarm Including patient reminders provided only if the meds are not taken on time. But even so, using any combination of lights, beeps, phone alerts, emails and text messages. In addition, there is remote monitoring. In fact, with immediate notifications to caregivers.  First, Twelve-hour rechargeable batteries come installed in case of a power outage. Second, no need for a computer. However, a computer can access the internet.Caregivers use it to set up the medication schedule online.

Med-Q is an electronic Pill Dispenser with triple alarms

Simply put, an Electronic pill dispenser is an simple, reliable as well as affordable way of managing your [prescription medications and supplements. Theses electronic pill dispensers have been engineered to be user friendly and take on the responsibility of remembering your medication. However, electronic pill dispensers are not the same or equal.

The Smart PillBox Repeats Every 30 Mins.Worried if Grandma Missed a Pill.

This is no longer a Problem. Med-Q Best Pill box with alarms repeats until the Medications have been taken and the next alert has been activated. The Electronic Pill Dispenser means no more forgetting. Not “Grandma’s Old Fashion Pill Box”. In conclusion, Med-Q couldn’t make it any easier.

Smart electronic pill box with alarms
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MED-Q programmable pill alarm
Med-Q is the best programmable pill dispenser alarm timer

Pill box with Alarm
America's best Pill box with alarm and LITE-BOX Guides

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