Med-Q Medication Clock Timer Prevents a trip to the ER

MED-Q Smart Pill Box alarms System

MED-Q Smart Pill Box alarms System

Smart Pill Box alarms System
MERD-Q Smart Pill Box alarms System

MED-Q Smart Pill Box alarms System to the rescue

First of all,  for prescription medication to work, getting the prescription filled just is not enough. Second of all, the medication must be taken.  Third of all, it must be taken at the right times.  Finally, in the right amount.

To sum up, you actually must take your meds properly.  Hence, the need for a Smart Pill Box alarms System.  And that’s where MED-Q comes in.  In fact, current estimates of errors vary.  However,  based on the current population, a reasonable assumption is that 55% of people make errors.  What exactly is a medication error (medication non-compliance)?

  • Noncompliance: Failure or refusal to comply. In medicine, the term noncompliance is typically used in regard to the individual who does not ingest a prescribed medication.  In addition, not following a specific prescribed course of treatment. An Individual who is  demonstrating noncompliance is said to be noncompliant.
Smart Pill Box alarms System
Med-Q Smart Pill Box alarms System

Non Compliance is when prescribed medication is not  taken as prescribed by their healthcare professional.  Furthermore, in pharmacy terminology it is also called non compliance.  However,  sounds a little bit paternalistic.  For example,  the term medication adherence can be interchanged.

MED-Q 7 day smart pillbox
MED-Q 7 day smart pillbox

MED-Q Smart Pill Box alarms System prevent forgotten doses

First, Elderly Men and Women forget doses.  Second, they deliberately skip doses.  Third,  take more pills than directed.  Finally, don’t’ finish the prescription completely.   To illustrate, seniors are less likely to adhere to their prescribed medication schedule.  Subsequently,  when the  medication the has been prescribed for has no outward symptoms.  For example, seniors are much more like;y to take pain medication than pills for your thyroid.  Another example, pills to control hypertension and cholesterol.  Again, pain medications makes you fell better immediately.  To sum uo. instant results can be measured.  Long term results have to be guessed at.  Short term results make you feel better right now.

Prescription Hypertension medications may make you feel even worse

Statins is a group of medications for heart issues.  In fact, they are a very good example. Doctors are treating elevated levels of  cholesterol to lower the risk.  For example, risk of Heart disease: heart attacks, strokes and even death. However, the user can see no obvious benefit.  Again, will never be able to point out the specific benefits.

electronic pill box with alarms
pill box for alzheimer’s

By the same token,  taking prescriptions to lower the likelihood of something happening in the future isn’t easy.  To illustrate, when the pills aren’t taken properly (or not at all) then you’re not getting the utmost benefits  from the  statin therapy. The “true value” that treatment delivers is preventative.  This is much harder to evaluate.  In fact, seniors will often stop taking the medication.  Often,  then restart it.  To sum up,  leads to more side effects than you would have if you had taken it as directed.

Why proper dosing is important

How do medications get licensed?  In addition, how do they get approved for sale?   The decision is not made up out of thin air.  For example,  accumulated scientific evidence has been able to show it to be effective and safe.. Bioavailability studies as well as controlled clinical trials guide those decisions.  The studies will find the appropriate dose. For example, should the  antibiotic be prescribed at 450mg twice a day for 5 days?  Reasoning,  that specific antibiotic dosage has been shown to work well.  To sum up, proper dosing and scheduling in needed  in order to treat the illness.

MED-Q Smart Pill Box alarms System manages medications dosing

The World Health Organization tells us that most people forget to take their medications as directed.  In addition, seniors take multiple daily medications.  Consequently, smart pill boxes or “electronic pill organizer” has grown. They are a great tool for seniors.      Some of the benefits include:

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