MED-Q Electronic Programmable Pill Dispenser For Elderly

MED-Q Electronic Programmable Pill Dispenser For Elderly

MED-Q Electronic Programmable Pill Dispenser For Elderly

MED-Q Electronic Programmable Pill Dispenser For Elderly

Med-Q Electronic Programmable Pill Dispenser for Elderly

Med-Q Electronic Programmable Pill Dispenser for Elderly is key to good health. The Electronic Programmable Pill Dispenser for Elderly runs on two inexpensive AA batteries.  Seniors like the easy to handle AA batteries v.s disc batteries.  The Pill Dispenser’s battery life is almost two years.

Electronic Programmable Pill Dispenser for Elderly Operation

First, The electronic Programmable Pill reminder uses a triple alarms system.  Second, The first alarm is audio.  Third, The next alarm is MED-Q’s Pill Box  LED LITE-BOX technology.  A flashing LED light inside the individual pill compartment.  Finally, a light guides the user to the exact dose.

Programmable Pill Dispenser for Elderly

Sponsored by Med-Q Smart Pill Dispenser with Triple Alarms

Programmable Pill Dispenser for Elderly
Med-Q Programmable Pill Dispenser for Elderly

The boxes hold up to 23 Aspirin tablet ( 325 mg) each.  The Over-sized finger tips tables make opening and closing easy. The 5 minute alarm cycle will repeat every 25 minutes unto the medication has been taken and the next alert has been activated.  This means that the Senior will always take their medication.  If you can age at home and stay there until you pass, that is MED-Q’s Smart Pill Boxes goal.

  Our Programmable Pill Dispenser will keep Seniors out of nursing homes for as long as possible.  The Quality of Life at home is always better.  Med-Q Pill Box means Health andIndependence.

The MED-Q Programmable Pill Dispenser is a hit with Ohio Seniors. 

programmable pill dispenser for elderly
programmable pill dispenser for elderly

Why,it keeps them out of nursing homes.  Over 25% of nursing home admissions are preventable.  How, prevent medication mistakes. The MED-Q Programmable Pill dispenser for elderly people can solve the problem.   How big is the worry?   Over 80% of Seniors biggest fear is not being able to stay in their own homes. Furthermore, 56% are concerned about their ability to do so.  To put it in perspective, only 3% of seniors biggest fear is death.  Finally, Seniors do not say. “Great, going in to a Nursing Home is where I want to be. 

First, None  wants to go into a Nursing Home. Second, Most people, in MED-Q’s Programmable Pill Dispenser experience, people just try to not think about it.  Third, ” out of sight, out of mind” attitude.  Forth, I will not need any help.  I will address it if and when it happens.  Finally, large number of seniors being forced into nursing homes for medication issues.

That is why  a better pill box was needed.   The MED-Q Electronic Programmable Pill dispenser was introduced for this reason.  Watch the video to see the programmable pill dispenser in operation.

Smart Pill Box for Dad is another MED-Q success story

Programmable Pill dispenser
Med-Q User

Mt Prospect IL)  Wendy H. “Thank you for the smart pill box .  Taking care of my Dad  is much tougher than we thought it would be.  . We tried several different style pill boxes for my Dad. In January our visiting nurse showed us the MEd-Q Smart Pill box for Mom.  We watched the videos and thought this is the pill reminder that would solve our problems”.  The other pill boxes were nothing more than a pill organizer.  He needed aa Alzheimer’s pill alarm.

The MED-Q Pill Reminder has triple alarms

A loud alarm will sound when it was time to take them.  Your Medication Timer will light up the box holding that dose pills. No decisions means no mistakes.  Wendy for Mt Prospect said that the Smart Pill Box has kept her Dad Independent and living at home.

If the person remembers that they take pills, what they are for, and is generally cooperative.  Forgetting and overdosing is truly mistakes and most seniors greatly accept the help.  If the person has dementia and can’t even remember that they take pills, that is harder. At that point you should consider whether the person can live alone.  At least the MED-Q Smart Pill Box for Dad will monitor  pill taking.

smart pill box
Med-Q Smart Pill Box

Alzheimer’s Patients Forgetting Pills can be prevented for as long as possible

An Alzheimer’s pill alarm is recommend as the first step in handling your Dad if he has  Alzheimer’s or Dementia.  Our  Smart Pill box for Dad can make the difference between staying at home or moving into an assisted living facility.  A good medication reminder will make their care much easier.

Med-Q Smart Pill Dispenser is America’s Best Pill Reminder.

The Triple alarms means all the  stress, worry and wondering that comes with taking care of family an friends will disappear.   Med-Q Pill box with BLASTING ALARMS makes pill time simple for everybody involved.  Caregivers use the simplicity of the medication holders Flashing LITE-BOX to make sure the pills are taken.

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