Help With Medication Compliance for Seniors

Help With Medication Compliance for Seniors

Patients and Their Family /Relatives / Loved ones medications

strategies to prevent medication errors

strategies to prevent medication errors

Strategies to Prevent Medication Errors. First, medication errors is a problem for most caregivers. Second, this is made worse if you are not living in the same house. Finally, not being there makes it very hard to give pills out at the appropriate time. In addition, there is no way of knowing if loved ones are taking them properly. Setting up a smart programmable pill reminder with alarms is always extremely helpful. Again, this is especially true when the elder individual is co operative and has the cognitive skills.Caregiver need the added medication help. Furthermore, seniors would still take the pills, however they will feel resentment. First, some seniors will admit to forgetting pills and supplements. The problem., they will tell you the occurrence are rare, Not True. For example, the World Health Association has date that shows up to 90% of seniors make regular medication error’s.

Pick the Best Smart Programmable pill reminder with alarms

What is the starting point for a Strategies to Prevent Medication Errors? How to pick the Pick the Best Smart Programmable pill reminder with alarms ? First, analyze the individuals pill taking needs. Ask your Doctor which medication reminders are absolutely necessary to try and reduce the number of mistakes. Make sure the pill holder can accommodate large pills and the need capacity.Caregivers have have more luck in persuading, so let the caregiver give the meds if necessary under direct supervision. To illustrate, a family member ought to be able to do this. . If the event that your loved is basically helpless, you need more help. Remember, always ask the doctor before you crush pills to mix in jelly of ice cream, etc,etc… Many different kinds of pills and supplements ought not to be crushed. Hence, check with your pharmacist because crushing meds can cause harm to the user. For relief, take medications come in liquid form. .

Medication error example

M mom lives alone in the same house she grew up in

Helping with Mom’s medications was a big problem, First, me and my sister shared the responsibility. In fact, my sister lives nearby mom. However, she and mom butt heads quite often because they are very much alike! We were having problems with Mom double and triple dosing. I will definitely see about getting her the Best Smart Programmable pill reminder with alarms .

Mom was always forgetting what day it is. Hence, double and triple dosing or missing doses all together. What I’m thinking of doing is organizing her pills in a Programmable pill reminder with alarm. In addition, we are going to putg a calendar clock right next to where her pill box will stay. That way she can look at the clock and pill box and know whether she has taken her meds that day or not.

We have started to rethinking the caregiver stopping by every day. The reason, it doesn’t appear to help much regarding her life saving prescription medications.. Mom can still drive and cook and she has maids that stop by a couple of times per month. Maybe down the road a caregiver will be of help but now she is doing fine with her Programmable pill reminder.

Consequences from medication error runs from no obvious effect to death

The shocking truth, over 125 thousand Men and Women died for medication errors in 2016. Hence, medication errors is the third leading cause of death in the US (Cancer #1, Heart Disease #2). It is a fact, medication errors have resulted in severe negative side effect, patient injury as well as premature death. Finally, knowing that a loved one’s death was preventable makes it more difficult for the deceased’s friends and family to come to terms with the death.

programmable pill reminder with alarms

Professional Healthcare Providers

Professional Health Care Providers (Doctors, Pharmacists as well as Nurses) who give the wrong medication to patients is a daily occurrence. In fact, caregiver’s mistakes leads suffering from guilt as well as levels of self-doubt. This is referred to as the second victim.

Healthcare professionals will rarely admit their mistakes. A study conducted by Pham uncovered that less than 4% of healthcare professionals informed their patients about medication error. This will not allow any personal reconciliation and closure on the medication mistake.  It also prevents reviews. Finally, covering up the errors means no changes to the system that allowed the error to happen in the first place.

Possible Strategies to Prevent Medication Errors

There are many more possible Strategies to Prevent Medication Errors.. However, it is apparent that this all too common of a mistake. Medication errors lead to harm to patients, healthcare providers as well as health organisations. A word of warning, Healthcare professionals may not report the errors. The reason, a harsh punishment in cases of accidental medication errors. Furthermore, this makes the reporting process flawed. In turn, error reporting becomes almost non-existent. To sum up, not reporting errors hinders preventive policies and practices from being introduced when needed.

There are many strategies that we can implement to minimise this preventable mistake.

First, ask yourself what is the best strategies to prevent medication errors. Second, choose the best programmable pill reminder with alarms for your loved one. Third, develop a culture of safety and robust monitoring of proper medicating.

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