smart pill dispenser for seniors

Med-Q automatic smart pill dispenser

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Med-Q Smart Pill Dispenser

The effortless Med-Q Smart Pill Dispenser with alarms makes medication time easy. Again, simplicity for all those involved. Caregivers use the simplicity of the medication holders flashing lite-box to make sure the pills are taken. Even the seniors would not forget to take their medication on time as the alarm reminds them with high audible sound and is not stopping until the medication is out from the box.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Personalized programmable to one’s specific mediation schedule
  • Pill Dispenser for any time day or night
  • Anti-skid bottom pads are designed to prevent accidents before they happen
  • Audio alarm features a an alarm that keeps getting louder (unique cascading reminder alarm)
  • Alarm will keep repeating the 5 minute cycle every 30 Minutes. Hence the 30 minute alarms sounds until your pills are taken or the next alert is activated
  • LED LITE-BOX Technology will flash in the individual container that needs to be taken eliminating confusion and mistakes
smart pill dispenser for seniors
Med-Q smart pill dispenser for seniors

Why is an automatic smart pill dispenser for seniors so important?

It is the different between life and death

When a senior citizen is taking multiple prescription medications, one of their biggest fears is the chance of making mistakes with their pills. The mistakes can range from taking pills that badly with one another as well as forgetting all together.

Store a List of Pills in Your Smart Pill Dispenser

The fact of the matter, it is critical to keep accurate list of the pills your family member as well as your loved ones is taking. Storing a list of pills in the smart pill dispenser will help reduce the chances of any type of medication error. Hence, avoid over-medicating Automatic Smart Pill Dispenser for Seniors your loved one. Automatic smart pill dispenser for seniors is the first line of defense for good health and well-being. The best part of this smart pill dispenser is the audible alarm included which can be programmed according to consumption time of the medication. The alarm keeps on ringing until the pills in the box were taken out or the next alarm sound beeps. Get this inventively designed smart pill dispenser only at Med-Q Pill Box and save more. G

There are many devices out there in the market to help patients remember taking medicines on-time but most of them require observation by a caregiver to assure medication compliance. However, the job of a caregiver has become so easy with the availability of automated programmable pill reminder boxes now on the market. The aim of these boxes is to remind people who forget to take their medicines on time.

Med-Q Medication Organizer Testimonials
Med-Q Testimonials

Elderly people because of their age usually forget to take their medicines.

This programmable pill reminder box will help to remind the patient to take his/her medicine at prescribed time. The proposed system is best suited for elderly people and people who are very busy, as this device will not only remind them of their medicines with a buzzer sound but also displays the name of the medicine to be taken at that time be taken at that time.

The patients can store the respective time of the particular medicine through a matrix keypad. Based on the real time clock interfaced to the microcontroller, the programmed time for medicine is displayed on the LCD along with a buzzer sound to alert the patient about taking the appropriate medicine. Willing to buy these spectacular programmable pill reminder boxes? Get in touch with Med-Q! We are the leading programmable pill reminder boxes provider. Contact us to order this remarkable pill box and use or gift these boxes as per your preference.

Why Smart Pill Dispenser is Developed?

The smart pill dispenser is developed to help family and friends who find struggle or forgetting to take their pills often during the process of staying healthy. Once Med-Q understands how widespread the problems of medication mismanagement are, it develops the smart pill dispenser to be an effective and affordable solution for everyone.

Med-Q understands the struggles people go through in order to take and keep track of their medications and supplements.

Millions of people take multiple pills each day and an estimated struggle to stick to their plans. These avoidable problems rob us of good health and drain our health system.

Med-Q’s first of its kind smart pill dispenser is ideal for home and office use

that completely automates the medication experience. The smart pill dispenser automates the dispensing of pills and keeps you alarmed about which medicine and/or supplement you should take at what time. An inclusion of alarm module notifies you when it’s time to take your medications and keeps track of everything.

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