MED-Q smart Pill Dispenser for High Blood Pressure

MED-Q smart Pill Dispenser for High Blood Pressure

MED-Q Smart Pill Dispenser tool for High Blood Pressure

MED-Q smart Pill Dispenser for High Blood Pressure Study

MED-Q Smart Pill Dispenser with alarmsFirst of all, a recent medical study of 75 Thousand individuals with high blood pressure.  Second of all, published by the European Heart Journa  Second of all, it showed that people who did not take medication  had a 400%  elevated chance of death from a stroke.  Third of all, a smart pill dispenser for high blood pressure is the solution.

Med-Q Smart Pill Dispenser prevents the shocking consequences of medication errors

smart pill dispenser
MED-Q smart pill dispenser

Furthermore,  risk was assessed by following how the  directions were followed.   Hence,  compared to the other two sub-categories of non-adherence, the data is clear.  The report had used many different types of pill dispensers.  For example,  the  smart electronic  pill dispenser and automatic pill reminders have been found to work the best.

Researcher was done on  different kinds off anti hypertensive drugs.   For example, researchers unconverted non-adherent patients who were on a  diuretics or beta-blockers  had a Six Hundred Percent higher risk of death .  In addition, a Three Hundred and Ninety Percent elevated likelihood of being hospitalization.  The Academy of Finland is where the study was done.  

smart pill dispenser
MED-Q smart pill dispenser

 Med-Q automatic pill clock reduces risk Three Hundred Twenty Percent

  • First of all, a automatic pill dispenser with alarm system will assure proper dosing..  Hence, these actual can  prevent a 300% elevated chance in the tenth year.
  • Second of all, an automatic medication user had a 560 % reduced  risk of  a fatal stroke
  • Third of all, individuals didn’t use a electronic  pill dispenser to take pills have suffeed.  In fact,  more likely to need hospital care after a stroke.
  • Forth of all,  hospitalizations were 270% higher in year 2.  this was after taking anti-hypertensive pills.  To sum up,  when compared to adherent patients, and  1.8-fold higher in by the 1oth year.
  • Finally, the year in which they went to the hospital with a stroke, their risk was nearly two-fold higher.  In like manner, a pill clock user prevents death.

Is-medication Compliance  Vital for Eldery?

These results emphasize the importance of  seniors taking their prescription medications  and supplements  as directed.  Following the exact directions  will reduce the  risk of both fatal and non-fatal strokes.  Non-adherent patients have a greater risk. Equally important even ten years before they suffer a stroke.

Smart Pill Dispenser
MED-Q Smart Pill Dispenser with alarms

The Best Smart Pill Dispenser with Alarm and Timer

 They considered the individual compliant if they took the pills right over 90% of the time. Non-adherence was divided into a couple of 2 different groups.  First group,  had intermediate adherence (30 to 80 %).  Second group,  extremely low adherence (less than 29 Percent).  However, an automatic pill box with alarms was not used in the study..  Again,  included  over 72 Thousand people.  Furthermore, the subjects were over the age of 40.   In conclusion, 2,100 died from stroke and over 23 Thousand visited the hospital with a stroke.

smart pill box with alarms and timer
America’s Best Smart pill box with alarms and Personalized timer

The MED-Q smart pill dispenser with alarms can often make  the difference between life and death.  The newest study information has confirmed the overwhelming need for a Medication dispenser has been proven.  In conclusion, a Smart Pill Dispenser tool for High Blood Pressure  for medication management can have life changing implications.

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