Mom forgetting pills leads to ER wake up call

Mom forgetting pills leads to an ER wake up call Mom Forgetting Pills leads to the Emergency Room Is Mom Forgetting pills important? The answer, “Mom’s Health is one missed pill away from disaster”.  Are you aware that 1 in 10 […]

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Mom Forgetting Pills needs New Technology

  Prevent Mom forgetting pills with New Smart Pill Box   Smart Pill Box for Home Use Telephone Reminders Services Smart Phone Apps Computerized Med Monitoring System Pharmacist Assistance Mom Forgetting pills is no small matter Mom’s health needs to […]

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Is Mom Forgetting Pills becoming a big problem?

Mom Forgetting pills needs a  Smart Pill Box  Mom Forgetting Pills Is part of AIMM’s (Age Induce Medication Mistakes) First, A “Dumb” pill box is nothing more than a pill organizer second, Telephone Reminders service lead to “I Promise I will […]

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Mom Forgetting Pills is part of AIMM’s

Mom Forgetting Pills is part of AIMM’s Age Induced Medication Mistakes (AIMM’s)  can be expected. In fact Mom forgetting pills of Dad forgetting medication is a growing problem.  Furthermore the average 65 year old takes 8 pills a day.  Consequently the […]

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Mom Forgetting pills and losing her balance

  ‌Mom Forgetting pills and losing her balance‌   With Mom forgetting Pills you need The Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder     Mom Forgetting Pills and Losing balance? It is not unusual for Mom forgetting pills or Dad forgetting medication […]

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Smart Pill Reminder Box

Programmable Pill Alarm for grandma forgetting pills problem

Med-Q Programmable Pill Alarm with an Alarm for Grandma forgetting pills   Grandma needs a Programmable Pill Alarm  A smart Programmable Pill Alarm is the most important tool in preventing medication errors.  Is Mom forgetting pills. Is Dad forgetting medication?   […]

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