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Dementia sufferers stories

 8 Things Dementia Sufferers Would Tell You  8 Things Dementia Sufferers Tips and Pointers Here are Eight communications tips that can help Dementia sufferers as well as Alzheimer’s caregivers make their jobs easier.  This in turn will most certainly improve the […]

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Dementia Caregiver’s Tips

More than 4.9 million individuals with Dementia.  This being said the numbers are expected to grow exponentially each and every single year.  The  importance of empowering the family and their caregivers with support and care skills cannot be underestimated. Providing […]

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Med-Q: Best Pill Dispenser for Dementia

Med-Q: The Best Pill Dispenser for Dementia Med-Q: The Best Pill Dispenser for Dementia What is the best pill dispenser for dementia?  What are the medication problems you can avoid.  Can modern technology help manage the complex medication schedules many […]

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Dementia Pill Strategy for Seniors

Use a Smart Pill reminder for a Dementia Pill Strategy   Dementia Pill Strategy uses a Smart Pill Reminder First, Getting men and women who are living with dementia as well as Alzheimer’s is no easy task. The fact of the […]

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