Caregiver tool for alzheimer’s

Caregiver tool for Alzheimer’s and Demetia

Caregivers for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Face Special Challenges

Care giving is one of the hardest, most under appreciation jobs there is.  The stress and burnout can effect the caregivers health and finances.  A caregiver need modern technology to help.   Caregiver tools range from a medication timer to special foods that the patient will eat.  There are different stages of Alzheimer’s.  The best caregiver tool is based on the patients degree of firewall.   Different caregiver tools should be used in the early-stage , middle-stage caregiving, or late-stage caregiving, of  Alzheimer’s.

How to Pick the right Caregiver Tools and Aids

caregiver toolEarly-stage care the Caregiver is not as important.  In  the early stages of Alzheimer’s they can  live independently.  The need for  24 hour caregiver is not needed.  Providing the individual tools will reduce the need for a caregiver.  Tools such as a medication timer for their pills, post-it notes for reminders and a daily journal helps a lot.

Middle-stage of Alzheimers

In the middle stages, it is not safe to be left alone for. The person is going to need a caregiver.  The amount of time the caregiver needs to be on location is based on the caregiver tools that are in place.  A medication box or medication timer can help with the medication problems.  it is still important to make sure they are eating properly and there have been no drastic changes.caregiver tool

Late-Stages of Alzheimer’s 

They will need a caregiver full time.  This is the time where technology can help the care giver.  The patient is beyond the scope of help and the caregiver family members need to take care of themselves first.  They no good to anyone if they are sick or burn out.

The family caregiver should check:

  1. Is there food in the house?
  2. Is the house clean?
  3. Are  bills paid?
  4. Is the person bathing?

Family Caregiver Worries:

  • Daily dressing, bathing and grooming?
  • Rides to their doctor?
  • Quality of daily Life?

Moving the the person into your own home

  • Do they want to move? 
  • Will your home work for them?
  • Is there a full time Caregiver?
  • Impact on family and finances?
  • Caregiver tools in your community to assist you?
  • Moving them may cause them to become agitated and confusion.  

 Long-distance caregivers need more tools:

During your visit:

pill reminder

Read more at: MED-Q Smart Pill Box with alarms  the caregiver tool that prevent caregiver Burnout

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