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Med-Q: Best Pill Dispenser for Dementia

Med-Q: The Best Pill Dispenser for Dementia

Best Pill Dispenser for Dementia
best pill dispenser for dementia

Med-Q: The Best Pill Dispenser for Dementia

What is the best pill dispenser for dementia?  What are the medication problems you can avoid.  Can modern technology help manage the complex medication schedules many Dementia  and Alzheimer’s sufferer endure?   The answer is Yes, Yes and Yes. The best pill dispenser for dementia can help from correct doses as well as correct times.  Proper dosing can prevent negative side effects as well as a trip to the ER.

Best Pill Dispenser for Dementia
Best Pill Dispenser for Dementia

Tips on  Medication Management

Caregivers need to know about the prescriptions you loved ones are taking,  If you know the proper information you will be able to keep a lookout for signs of dangerous side effects.   The most common error, simply forgetting to take pills.  This is where the best Pill dispenser for dementia comes into play.  The disease will rob the individual of what use to be common, day to day responsibilities.  A programmable pill dispenser can help make sure the right pills are taken at the right times.    In the event that your loved one’s stops taking their pills, notify their health care provider immediately. 

Special Care with What you Eat or Drink

Best Pill Dispenser for Dementia
best pill dispenser for dementia

The Wall Street Journal Has called medication errors for seniors, “America’s other Drug Problem“.  This being said, taking a proactive stance on medication errors can be the difference between life and death.  Caregivers need the best Pill dispenser for dementia to make their job easier and more effective.  If your loved one drinks booze, you need to know that alcohol often will have a bad reaction with many prescriptions.   This is something that should be talked about with the Doctor when new prescription is written and filled.

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Medication Dos:

  • Keep meds in their original containers  or your pill dispenser to avoid confusion.
  • Visually impaired loved ones  can request the pharmacist to use bottles with larger print.
  • Make certain there is bright lighting for reading labels.
  • If they have a hard time with swallowing  pills, try liquid versions as well as  smaller pills
  • Keep your meds in a cool, dry place. Bathroom cabinets are the worst place to keep you pills  because of the heat as well as the humidity.
  • Get rid of any pills that look different then the normal shape, size, color as well as texture.

elderlyMedication Don’ts:

  • Never let your loved one take  un-prescribed medication.
  • Take out the cotton plug in medication bottles as it will attract moisture.
  • Don’t take pills that have over-hated.    Excessive heat can destroy the beneficial properties of the medications.
  • Don’t take medications after their expiration date.

Picking out the best pill dispenser for Alzheimer’s is no easy task.  Be sure to find the best auto pill dispenser to make sure loved ones take the right pills at the right time. For more information visit Med-Q pill dispenser.

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