How Myelofibrosis Begins and how to treat it

How Myelofibrosis Affects Your Body

Treating Rare Blood Disorders

The most up to date procedures for Myelofibrosis gives hope to patients suffering from this rare blood disease.  Myelofibrosis (MF) is cancer of the blood.  In the first stages, most individuals do not have a single symptom.  The disease will scar one’s own bone marrow.  Since this is where the blood is formed, the consequences of no blood replacement are obvious.  The Outcomes for people with MF varies greatly. 

Many Individuals will have virtually not any symptoms for years on end.

  MyelofibrosisThis being said, many others will have a disease that progresses much more quickly.  You may live for as short as a couple of months to as long a dozen years, depending on the aggressiveness of the cancer.   Modern research as well as prescription medications has made many new advances in the treatment of the disease.  This is giving a better outlook for the people with MF.   Here’s is the way myelofibrosis affects one’s body.

 How Myelofibrosis Begins

Myelofibrosis starts when the cells in the blood mutant into a gene called JAK2.   The sick ,cancerous cells  will make huge amounts of other sick cells, leaving no room for the creation of healthy ones. These non-working cells will then replace some of one’s own bone marrow.  This will cause the marrow to  turn into a spongy material that  leads to scars as well as inflammation. If one’s own marrow is unable to produce enough healthy blood cells then your spleen or liver may take over the blood production instead.

The Ways that Myelofibrosis Affects Organs

Many of the people suffering with MF will get an over-sized spleen.  When you are healthy,  the blood flows from your spleen and then to one’s your liver through the portal vein .  It is common in myelofibrosis for your spleen to big as well as starting to make excess blood.  This will cause high blood pressure in one’s portal vein.  This will cause blood into the  smaller veins in your esophagus as well as one’s stomach. These tiny, stressed veins can virtually explode and will cause gastro-intestinal bleeding.

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When the human body is making blood in the liver and the spleen, it may cause you to grow a tumor in a different part of your body.  Example of which would be, in the lymph nodes, spinal cord as well as the lungs. People start feeling  confused because the liver isn’t cleaning out the toxins from your blood stream.  These blood stream toxins will affect your brain. Your cardio-vascular system will have to work harder than normal to be able to supply the brain with it’s much needed oxygen.  You may also have  fatigue accompanied by chest pain and or dizziness.

Other Potential Complications

A minority of suffers eventually develop acute myelogenous leukemia, or AML.  This is a rare kind of blood cancer that progresses rapidly.  It is usually treated with doses of a chemotherapy regiment.  If one is diagnosed , it is possible that you may not need treatment right away. Your health care professional will closely watch the disease for any sign of it’s progression.  When treatment is required, there are medicines your MD will give you.  Placed in a smart pillbox with alarms to ensure proper dosing, the pills will try to target the JAK gene.

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The purpose of chemo therapy is to kill the cancer cells while leaving the healthy cells unaffected.  A Smart pill Organizer with alarms filled with pills is a life saving Journey.  There are some individuals that have a bone marrow transplant,  however it is a chancy operation and can often be fatal.  Myelofibrosis is a disease differs from person to person, so if you have myelofibrosis , talk to your personal Doctor, making certain you understand the condition and what the future treatment options may be.

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