MED-Q Medication Box for Mom Pills

Electronic Medication Box for Mom Pills

MED-Q Electronic Medication box can prevent physical and financial tragedy

Med-Q Pill reminder to Mom's rescue:   Med-Q SMART Electronic Medication Box is your Simple, *Reliable, Affordable solution to overdosing & forgetting.  See for  yourself what a Smart pill dispenser can do.  MED-Q is the Smart Pill clock designed by Hospital RN's to help avoid the shocking consequences of medication error.  Samuel Demar, staff writer, tells use of  another MED-Q Smart electronic Medication Box success story.

Blythe MO)  Phylicia K. My Mom Passed a year ago and now we are trying to take care of our Dad.  I have a brother and a sister that help.  Unfortunately, my sister lives about 200 miles away and can do much.  e were trying to make sure that our Dad Was taking his pills.    It was a losing battle.  We found out he was missing 2-3 days per week.  

MED-Q Medication Box with triple Alarms

Phylica got her Dad the MED-Q Pill box with alarm,  The problem has gone away.  Her Dad was taking 6 pills every morning.  One of the three siblings would fill her Medication timer every to weeks,  We had no problem mom forgetting pills but dad forgetting medication was different.  The flashing and beeping alarms has been great.  

Assisted Living cost on the rise, medication box is the best investment you can make.  A private Assisted living facility is expensive. A single apartment can cost up to 90 thousand dollars a year.  This is the basic cost with no extras. 

The Med-q Pill box has a priced under 60 dollars.  The average assisted living facility costs over four times that per day.   It is silly to say,but, the pill box would pay for itself before breakfast.

Medication Box with Triple alarms

If  Mom forgetting pills is a problem, then this is for you.  Is Dad forgetting medication?  The MED-Q Smart Pill Clock to the rescue.  This 21st Century Pill clock is a perfect Alzheimer's pill alarm.  Teaching Alzheimer's suffers early on can help them better manage their medication.  The American Alzheimer's association recommends a medication timer as a  strategy first. Med-Q medication Box with alarm and timer to the rescue.

4. Search for your pill using the Pill Identifier Wizard

There's a good chance that the Pill Identification Wizard (Pill Finder) can help you match the imprint, size, shape, or color and lead you to a detailed description in our drug database. You can use this tool to identify stray pills you may find, too. Always follow-up with your healthcare provider for any outstanding questions.

How to Use the Pill Identification Wizard to accurately identify your medication.

  • Enter the letter or numbers from your pill (see the example in the search box).
  • Select the color of the pill from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the shape of the pill from the drop-down menu.
  • If your pill has no imprint it could be a vitamin, diet, herbal, or energy pill, illicit drug or a foreign drug.
  • You can also enter the name of the drug (brand or generic) or the National Drug Code, if you know it.
  • Manufacturers have special logos that they often place on pills and you can see many of them here.
  • If you do not find a match, call your doctor or pharmacist. The Pill ID Support Groupmay be able to help, too.

Seniors need to  Communicate with their personal healthcare providers

First, talking is by far  is the best way to avoid medications errors. Second, the user ought to be able to correctly identify the prescription pills.   Third, people need to gather other important information about the protocol.   As always, MED-Q Electronic Medication Box with triple Alarms is a great help.

Such as:

  • Know both the brand name and the  generic name
  • What are the pills taken for?
  • What is the proper dose
  • When do i take the pills (time)
  • How long do I take the medicine for?
  • Are there  food, disease, or drug interactions with my medicine?
  • Are there any negative side effects.?
  • What if I miss a dose?

Be sure to tell your healthcare provider about any Over the counter (OTC) pills that are being taken.  Hence, including  herbal supplements, vitamins, and any medical foods.  Furthermore, don;'t abandon your generic drug because of the cost savings.   Again, using generic medications is a great way to save money at the pharmacy. However, not all medications come  in a generic equivalent.  This being said, brand name drugs, and can cost 25-85 Percent more. First of all,  the FDA endorses generic drugs. Second, never sit back and wait for to the pharmacist to ask for a generic.  To sum up, be sure to inform your health care professional know that you want generics when they are writing up the prescription.

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Electronic Medication Box for Mom Pills
Electronic Medication Box for Mom Pills
medication box with triple alarms
medication box with triple alarms
MED-Q medication box
MED-Q Electronic Medication Box for Mom Pills
med-q smart electronic medication box
Med-Q smart electronic medication box
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