21st Century Smart Medication Dispenser

Med-Q, 21st Century Smart Medication Dispenser with Alarms

Med-Q, 21st Century Smart Medication Dispenser

Why do you need a Smart Medication dispenser with alarms?

 Age Induced Medication Mistakes, or more commonly referred to as AIMM's is a growing problem.  It has been estimated by the FDA that medication errors cost the healthcare system over 280 Billion dollars a year in unnecessary medical procedure.  As staggering as the cost is, the cost in human suffering and reduced quality of life is even bigger.

21st Century Smart Medication DispenserAt pilltime, the Med-Q Medication Dispenser beeps and the light flashes

ONLY the individual compartment holding ONLY the pills that needs to be taken.   Med-Q Pill Dispenser uses LED-LITE BOX technology.    Again, LITE-BOX will guide the user to the proper compartment for mistake free medication management.   A simple, effective way of eliminating that chance of mixing up by taking the wrong pills.    No more morning pills taken at night, taking extra medication or many other common mistakes.

Med-Q's Pill box clever audio alarm system works as follows:

What would happen if you might be out of the room when the alarm sounds.

First, Med-Q Smart med dispenser is designed to fix that common problem.  Furthermore, the five minute alarm cycle will repeat every 30 minutes until the prescription medications had been taken. Again, this means no more "mom forgetting medication".  To illustrate, no more " Dad overdosing on medication".  Med-Q Medication Dispenser box makes medication mistakes a thing of the past  To sum up, The Smart Pill dispenser  ‘ground up’ design to stop overdosing and other medication mistakes.

Med-Q Smart Prescription medication Dispenser with Alarms Saves more than Lives

Health care costs have increased by 500 Percent in the last two decades according to USA Today Newspaper.    Wages are not even close to keeping up.  The Med-Q Smart Pillbox will keep your loved ones in their own home as long as possible.  Would it surprise you to know that Seniors biggest fear is not "Death"?. Their biggest fear, "moving out of their own home.  Your Med-Q Smart Pill box will save 10's if not 100's of thousand of dollars.

Nevertheless, we at Med-Q prescription medication dispenser with alarms and timers recommend a dispenser with flashing guides and blasting alarms.  To sum up,  See more Alzheimer's Pill Dispenser @ Google+ Facebook  YouTube.

Med-Q, Medication Dispenser with Alarms
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