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MED-Q Electronic Pillbox with alarms Helps Seniors

Electronic Pillbox with alarms for the Elderly pills

WEDNESDAY, Sept 27 ( Med-Q electronic Pillbox News) –Senior Citizens that are taking precondition medication have lower risk of missing doses when using an electronic pillbox.  A Smart electronic  PillboxSaves lives.  Coresponingly the alarms and and visual alarm to remind seniors when it it time to take their pills.  Fort examle a report was released by the National Institute on Aging at he meeting sponsored by the United States Geriatric Society.  The meeting was held in Washington, D.C.  The discussed the new  electronic pillbox.

electronic pillbox with alarms

This new type of user friendly pillbox was provided to a number of medication taking individuals.

 First of all the Folks were Sixty -five years old and older.  Second of all seniors were taking 4 or more prescriptions a day.  Third, individuals in the study group must be self-sufficient in their ability to take their pills and med.  Finally tThey also had to meet the physical ability requirement.s  Approximately 1/3 of the study group was guys and 2/3 were women.  The ethnicity of the group is as follows: 37% were Caucasian, 41 % were African American, and another  21% were of  Hispanic origin.

One Month of Monitoring the Medications

After 1 month  of following the pill taking habits using the electronic pillbox .  This particular pillbox can carry 30 days worth of pill.  It has different  compartments to hold up to 4 different pills.   When one programmers the pill box.  At programmed med -taking time,  the unit will show which is the right pill box as well as show the amount of Prescription medications to take.  In addition, if the boxes top has been opened a message tells the user the amount of meds to take, as well as the correct way to take the pills,(ex, with food).electronic pillbox with alarms

Med-Q electronic pillbox with alarms

The study recorded as well as time-stamped the time the pills were taken.

Med-Q Electronic pillbox with alarms

electronic pillbox with alarmsThis study, not surprisingly, uncovered, electronic pillboxes greatly increase medication adherence and greatly reduce mistakes.  For example using the smart pillbox the Senior citizens that were taking more than 1 pill a day the rate of mistakes dropped over 90%.   Furthermore The days when Seniors forgot to take their pills plunged to under 5% if they were using the electronic pillbox.  Moreover researchers also found the need for the smart pillbox.  In cat doses were mostly consumed 16 % of the time. More so,  they should be taken went up with the electronic pillbox.

Why is a PillBox with Alarms so Important

Dr. David Flockhart, head of the clinical pharmacology  department which is located at  Indiana College of Medicine in Indiana, reported,  “The notion of an electronic pillbox draws critical attention to a major public health concern”.  He spoke of the Non-Compliance problem that seniors have with their medicines and supplements.   First, The problem is enormous, especially among Senior Citizens .  Doctor Flockhart went on to say, “It is a worse problem for those who take lots of pills, which is many,many individuals, taking into account the bulk of senior citizens that are taking medications take more than 5 pills daily.Finally the value of a smart pill box can not be underestimated.”smart pill box

Does a Smart Electronic PillBox with alarms help in the Real World

electronic pillbox with alarms
electronic pillbox with alarms

The question we should be asking, Can a smart pill box really help in the  the real world?   The Folks in the study are aware that they are being tracked, that might skew the results.  People are more likely to be medication compliant if the know they are being watched and recorded.  Dr Flockhart has encouraged the researchers to continue tot rack and record after the study was over.  This info would be very useful to determine the pillboxes effectiveness in their own home environment.

First, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued statement after statement.  Second,  advising senior citizens to use a smart pill box or some type of smart pill organizer. Third,  so they can stay in compliance. Finally, The FDA says,  that pill boxes with Audio and Visual reminders have been found to be extremely helpful for Senior Citizens.  Hence, being able to handle complicated multi-pill schedules.  The Pill boxes were found to be helpful for Seniors that have problems handling  the safety lids on pill bottles or the unruliness of blister packs.

Yale Study Number 2

To continue, a reportwas  released  by Yale University School of Medicine. To conclude, researchers  quoted in the Washington Post, reports that over 85% percent of the Elderly have 5 plus pills to take every day.  Furthermore, it is important to note that an electronic pillbox with alarms is even more important as we age.  To sum up,  medication that seniors take can truly mean the difference between life and death.

More information Electronic Pillbox with Alarms

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