electronic pill dispenser with lock

Need a electronic pill dispenser with lock

Need a electronic pill dispenser with lock

An Electronic Pill Dispenser Is A Senior’s Best Friend

electronic pill reminder alarms timerWhat is an electronic Pill Dispenser with lock? An Electronic pill dispenser with lock is needed by many.  The Medication dispenser can be simple affordable way of remembering to take prescription pills.  Not all pill dispensers lock.  The user may or may not need a pill dispenser with lock.  However, managing your prescription medications and supplement is critical. 

First of all, these smart pill dispensers are designed to be easy to use (user friendly).  Second of all, the dispenser will now take on the responsibility of remembering when to take life saving medications.  However,  electronic pill dispensers are not the same or equal.  Some come with locks.  To sum up, users need to do some  research in picking the best  pill box with alarms that is best.

Caregivers need a helping Hand

The Health care community has been is calling for huge changes in the medical system . However, current demand for a complete over haul of the health care system is a must.  In addition,  we have an aging population.  For example, senior’s fear not having Medical coverage when needed..  To illustrate,  seniors are completely unaware of one of the  issues.  The issue, seniors forgetting to take  prescription pills as directed by the health care professionals.  Hence, reports shows that 30% of Males and 29% of Females don’t take their prescriptions as directed.  The take the wrong amounts at the wrong times..  Accordingly,  35% are skipping the meds altogether.  Finally,  40% are not taking them as they were prescribed.

MElectronic Pill dispenser
Electronic Pill dispenser

 Medication errors is  “America’s second drug  problem” .

First of all, Non-compliance is not taking medication as directed.  Shockingly, this  leads to 12 percent of Hospital visits.  Even worse, 27 percent of al of the  nursing home and assisted living facilities admits are not necessary.  These admits are 100% premature and can be avoided or postponed.

Why does Mom and Dad need an an Electronic Pill Dispenser?

The reason for using electronic pill dispenser is obvious.  First of all, many seniors forget to take their pills.  Second, many take their pills on the wrong days.  Third, many will take the wrong dose. In addition, seniors take 76-7 pills every single day.  .  Some pills need to be taken with food.   The size of the dose as well as the frequency makes it very hard take properly. To sum up, it is very confusing for your Dad and Mom.
 Imagine, having to take a pill 6 or 7 times a day.  Obviously, it is easy to mess up your medications.  Hence, lots and lots of mistakes.  An electronic Pill Dispenser with lock or alarms provides the much needed help.
electronic pill dispenser
electronic pill dispenser
Med-Q electronic pill dispenser

Med-Q Electronic Pill dispenser with alarms for 1, 2, 3 or 4 Daily Medication Reminders

Prescription Pills save you lives.  Hoover, taken wrong they have the opposite effect.  First of all, prescription medication errors are more than a minor blunder.  They are often deadly.  In 2016, medication errors rose to#3 leading cause of death.  To help solve this problem, many different pill boxes or pill dispensers with locks are available.

Pill Boxes are made up of grouping of compartments to hold each day/time’s pills.   Theses pillboxes have been around for centuries.  The new, 21st Century technology provides some modern medication reminder for seniors.  Popular electronic pill dispensers with locks and with out locks for review.

Typical Pill Box Holder.

These Pill Holders are for One 7 day period (week).  However, some are designed to hold four weeks pf meds.   These pill boxes have individual boxes that hold the dose  The boxes are stamped with the day of the week.  For example, seniors have their pharmacist fill it for them when at the same time that the prescription is filled.  Many of these cheap boxes are priced under Ten Dollars.  To sum up, these are very basic and have no  reminder capability.MED-Q Smart Medication Timer


Med-Q Electronic Pill Dispenser with alarm.

If you are having issues with forgetting or over dosing,  you are not alone.  To illustrate, the newest Pill Boxes has made holding, guiding and reminding all in one. A Smart pill box like the Med-Q electronic Pill dispenser uses flashing LITE-BOX Guides to show the user which pills to take.  In addition, it has triple alarms to tell seniors, “It’s Pill Time”.  Med-Q’s genius design uses both , “Blasting Alarms and Blinking Guides. The result,  the right pills are taken at the right times.  To sum up, it costs less than One hundred dollars and is worth every single penny. 
electronic pill dispenser with lock
electronic pill dispenser with lock
med-q smart pill box

Seniors have a problem remembering to take pills

First, using a reminder will help. A pill reminder can be bought for under $35.  Some pill organizer with alarms like the Vitamin and Pill Organizer with Timer have  video/audio notifications.  These will tell, it’s time to take the prescription meds.
Another choice is the the Meddy-Lert Automatic Pill Dispenser with lock.  It has a small blinking ligh.  In addition, it has a beeping alarm.  The alarms and flash will not stop  until the unit is tilted and the pills for the given dose are removed. Furthermore, the organizer has a lock.  The lock will prevent tampering. 

Pharmacy Mistakes do HappenPrepackaged  Doses services.

 There are several Companies offering this new service.  Here is how it works.  First,  they coordinate all of your prescriptions, OTC (over-the-counter) pills.  Second, the add in vitamins.  Second, The pills are then delivered in individual packets.  Each packet will o be marked with  the dose and the time to take it.  They come in perforated strips.  These strips ate then put in a container box. Finally, pull the packet off the dispenser strip. 

Prescription Medication Monitoring 

It has been said, “Te only way to know for sure  is to see it with your own eyes”.  However, that’s impractical  when a loved one is taking pills three or more times a day.  Again, no different if  the caregiver is living in the same home.  To illustrate, this is made worse when living cross  country. First, a many different  monitoring services can be found.  The goal,  bring peace of mind and assure that medications are taken as directed. Many of these will use wireless communication. Others use the internet .  Finally, the rest use some tele-monitoring.   In fact,  they are usually subscription-based services. Obviously, a monthly charge will be billed. Furthermore, the upfront cost of the pill dispenser unit can be costly..
MedicationMinder  is a pill organizer solution that helps Men and Women take the correct pills at the correct time.  The intelligent pillbox has with wireless technology.  With this pill organizer, no computer or internet access is needed. The MedicationMinder  provides real time notifications and reminders.  These can go out to patient, family and caregivers. Data collected by the system is accessible via the web application.  In addition, integrated with other clinical systems.

Electronic Pill dispenser with lock  comes with a variety of features

electronic pill dispenser with lock
electronic pill dispenser with lock

Including patient reminders provided only if the meds are not taken on time. But even so,  using any combination of lights, beeps, phone alerts, emails and text messages.  In addition, there is remote monitoring. In fact,  with immediate notifications to caregivers.

First, Twelve-hour rechargeable batteries come installed in case of a power outage. Second, no need for a computer. However,  a computer can access the internet.Caregivers use it to set up the medication schedule online.

Med-Q is an electronic Pill Dispenser with triple alarms

 Simply put, an Electronic pill dispenser is an simple, reliable as well as affordable way of managing your [prescription medications and supplements.  Theses electronic pill dispensers have been engineered to be user friendly.  Finally, the programmable dispenser takes on the responsibility of remembering your medication.  However,  electronic pill dispensers are not the same or equal.    Some will lock others will not.medication dispenser testimonials
First, a flashing light and sound alert reminds to take your pills. Indeed, the tray will rotate.   First, Tip the unit to dispense  pills.  Accordingly, the device is ready to dispense the next dose.  With the right medication reminder system, missed or forgotten pills should be a thing of the past.  Furthermore, an electronic pill dispenser with lock is needed for people with addictions.

The Smart Pill Dispenser Repeats Every 30 Mins.Worried if Grandma Missed a Pill.  

This is no longer a Problem.  Med-Q Best Pill box with alarms repeats until the Medications have been taken and the next alert has been activated.  The Electronic Pill Dispenser means no more forgetting.  Not “Grandma’s Old Fashion Pill Box”.  In conclusion, Med-Q couldn’t make it any easier.  This being said, some need n electronic pill dispenser with lock.  

electronic pill box with alarms
Need a electronic pill dispenser with lock?
Electronic Medication timer for Alzheimer’s
programmable pill alalrm
best programmable pill dispenser alarm timer
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