smart programmable pill box reminders or electronic pill dispensers with alarms

Med-Q Smart PillBox Reminder for Dad’s Medication

Med-Q Smart PillBox Reminder for Dad’s Medication Finally, the Smart Med-Q Smart Pill Box Reminder for Dad’s Medication.  First of all, over 125 people die each year form medication mistakes.  Second, almost 10 percent of Emergency room and hospital visits […]

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Mom's medicine is a mess

Dad Forgetting Medication Plan

Dad Forgetting Medication for Hypertension With Dad forgetting Medication you need a Plan MED-Q Smart Pill Box to the Rescue If Dad forgetting medication for his High Blood Pressure  has gotten out of control, do something Quick.   Heart disease is the number two leading cause of death […]

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Med-Q Programmable Electronic Medication Dispenser with Alarm

Dad forgetting Medication & Assisted Living

Dad Forgetting Medication means Assisted Living Dad Forgetting Medication leads to 25% of assisted living facilities admits Your Dad Forgetting Medication has turned from an occurrence into a problem.  The pill box he was using was not getting the job […]

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Grandma Forgetting Pills has become a big problem

Dad Forgetting Medication Again?

With Dad forgetting medication you need the Best Pill Box     Your Dad Forgetting Medication Dad Forgetting medication or Mom forgetting pills is a problem that will get worse. If your Dad is typical, he will be suffering Age […]

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Dad Forgetting medication  loses Independence Dad forgetting medication can lead to Asssisted Living Your Dad Forgetting Medication can lead to assisted living facilities Dad Forgetting medication can put him out of his Home.  It is Seniors Number 1 biggest fear.  Having to move […]

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