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The 5 Best Medication Reminders for Your Prescription Pills

Best Medication Reminders for Your Prescription Pills

Best Medication Reminders for Your Prescription Pills Why use the Best

weekly pill box alarm

Medication Reminders

Medication Reminders for Your Prescription Pills?  The answer is obvious.  First, 125,000 men and women die each year from medication errors. Second, 10% of all hospital stays are from medicine mistakes.  Third, a full 25% of all assisted living admits are premature.  Using the Best Pill Reminders for Your is not a convenience. Finally,  Choosing the Best Medication Reminders for Your Prescription Medications is a life saving choice. 

Staying healthy and getting your medications exactly when your body needs them is vital, but sometimes you just forget.

Taking prescription medication ought to be simple and easy.  The goal, make remembering  as automatic as possible.  The good news,  there are many pill reminders that can help adhere to  medication schedule.   Finally, whether it’s making sure a loved one takes it, or making sure they don’t accidentally double or triple doses.  In conclusion, this goes way beyond your mother’s old fashion pill organizer box.

1. Med-Q Medication Reminder for Your Prescription Medications

reminders for your prescription

reminders for your prescription

Med-Q Medication Reminder is a 21st century solution to an age old problem.  The smart Pill reminder uses a combination of Flashing LITE-BOX Guides and blasting alarms.  The genius reminder has a 5 minute alarms cycle that will re;peat every 30 minutes until the user has taken their pills.  Simple to use and easy yo operate, the Med-Q means no more forgetting or over dosing.  Read more at:  Med-Q Medication compliance system

First of all, Med-Q precipitation medicine reminder is a simple  way to manage  people’s medications.  Second of all, the med-Q motto, “No Decisions Means No Mistakes”.  Finally, your prescriptions  medications and supplements will be taken as directed by the health care provider.

2. PillPack

No need to go to the pharmacy.  First, the pills and medications  will be delivered right to your home.   Again,  no need to go to the pharmacy.  Here is how it works:

They’ll even contact your doctor to confirm your medicine schedule, and again when your prescriptions are getting low.  Be sure to look at the time and date printed on each individual pack.  The smartphone app lets the users to set reminder phone calls throughout the day.  Obviously,  the whole process of taking your prescription medications  easier.

3. Medsafe Medication Reminder

This prescription medication reminder is a simple smartphone app.  First, the app helps manage several individual’s medications.  Hence, the ability to set multiple profiles.To illustrate, it also tracks the pills as well ,as let the user know when it’s refill time.  Medsafe  has received four and a half stars. In conclusion,  one of the highest ranked as well as downloaded medicine reminder at the App store.

reminders for your prescription pills

4. Tabitime Vibrating Medication Timer Reminder

First of alll, Seniors suffer from AIMM’s (Age Induced medication Mistakes).  Second of all,  If adherence to your med timetable is a problem because of general forgetfulness, you may want to try a more modern version of the classic plastic pill case.  The cost is under $19.95  Third of all, the Timer Reminder has 5 different compartments.  Hence, different alarms  and it’s vibrate when it’s time to take your pills.

5. Med Minder

If you want reminders and mobile alerts, Med Minder has got you covered. The pill dispenser holds four daily doses of medication, and doles out digital reminders — lights, beeps, and phone calls — with its own cellular connections, meaning that it doesn’t need to be linked to a phone line or the Internet.

It does require a monthly rental fee, which begins at $39.99 for the most basic unit. Some units keep their individual pockets locked, an important feature if young children are around. More advanced units — which go up to $64.99 per month — have lifelines that contact emergency personnel, should the need arise.

reminders for your prescription pills

reminders for your prescription pills
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