Mom's medicine is a mess

Med-Q automatic pill box alarms with timer to the rescue

Up your Game with the Proven Automatic Pill box alarms and timer

Caregiver Helper

You can make a change for a  healthier independent and longer life starting today. Be the individual to make positive changes to those you care about. We only live once!  Finally a Programmable automatic pill box alarms and timer that actually works.  Med-Q electronic pill dispenser with alarms is the answer to a  healthier independent and longer life.

Seniors need help with their medications.  An automatic pill box alarms and timer is the first line if defense for good health and well being.  Take control of health before health takes control of you.

 Med-Q Electronic Medication Dispenser with alarms is not your Grandma’s old fashion Pill box.

Med-Q automatic pill box alarms with timerWhy do loved ones need Smart Pill Box LITE-BOX Technology? Seniors have a condition called AIMM’s (Age Induced Medication Mistakes).  One of the reasons a pill reminder is so important.  However, do not confuse AIMM’s with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.   A smart Pill box for elderly men and women makes sure doses are not missed.  To illustrate, seniors will now rely on flashing pillbox guides pill reminder with alarms.  Again, these not only remind the user to take their pills, but the  caregivers as well.  The Amazing MED-Q  pill dispenser has been proven to lower the risk of medication errors.

 automatic pill box alarms Moreover, the  increased rate of medication adherence was well over 92 percent. In fact,  there has been a significant increase in patient medication compliance rates.  First, MED-Q Pill Organizer was created  with senior’s ease-of-use in mind.  Second of all, MED-Q Smart Pill box is user friendly so it is easier to manage. The multiple reminders that will never fail to let users know when it is time to take their medications .  The smart pill dispenser gives a sense of comfort and independence.  MED-Q programmable pill box with alarms allows them to be free of home care facilities or caregivers. Their family members or caregivers, on the other hand, can feel comfortable knowing that their loved ones patients are taking the right medications on time.

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