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9 Ways to Manage Brain Fog

brain fogFirst, What is Brain Fog.

Definition of brain fog. : a usually temporary state of diminished mental capacity marked by inability to concentrate or to think or reason clearly.  For example. a smart medication reminder with alarm and timer.  First of all, the frustrating symptoms of living with a chronic illness is having bought of brain fog. There are medications to treat many symptoms of chronic diseases.  However there isn’t yet a pill that takes away brain fog. To sum up,, there are ways to deal with it so patients can minimize the effects.  Finally you can lead a normal life.  We’ve put together a list of 10 ways to help manage brain fog, with help from

Smart Medication Reminder with alarms and timer

As people age, they develop AIMM's .  Age induced Medication Mistakes are a normal part of the aging process.  Levels of brain fog can  lead to deadly medication errors.  Modern Technology has brought to market a new generation of smart medication reminder with alarm and timer.  To sum up, proper medication compliance is key to keeping the issue under control

Try to Write down Things

People will forget.  For example, men and women  forgets things now and then.  However, this is different form having brain fog.   Fog will mean forgetting dates, times as well as occasions.  First, keep an up to date to-do list .  Keep the list by a calendar in a highly visible location.  Many seniors will adopt an online diary to keep track of the days events.. There are many mobile apps that can also help with organization.

Exercise the Mind and Body

Why is physical exercise so important?   To illustrate, regular exercise give a chance to turn off from all the usual things that fill your head.  In addition,  it ought to improve sleep.  Proper sleep can help improve cognitive skills.  Exercise one's own  the Mind must be done.  Make an effort to do thought-challenging exercises.  For example,  crosswords or even 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles. In addition, keep a new hobby,  Examples of ways to keep the mind focused.

Pick the Right Time of Day

Whether a morning lark or night owl, we all have certain times when we feel more alert. Choose a time each day when your concentration is at its highest to tackle difficult and complex tasks.  This will make the task easier to complete.

Eat a Brain-Healthy Diet and get plenty of rest

Take some dietary control.  Men and women ought to eat  good fats.  Good fats have been known to help with  known for brain health.  For example,   nuts and  avocados.  Other examples,  coconut oil, and food high in omega-3-rich .  Quality sleep and restorative http://good fatsnaps  will greatly people's improve cognitive health.To sum up,  keep to a routine .

Go Easy on Yourself

Try not to overdo it. When possible, ask for help from friends and family.  Take help when needed.  Furthermore,  rest as much as possible to conserve levels of personal energy. Seniors who partake in  calming activities, for example, walk through a peaceful spot.  Another example,  reading a book as well as listening to music.

Organize Your Home and Work space area

Tip number 7, organize your living and working space.  Make sure  that everything you regularly use is easily accessible. This can help conserve energy and provide peace of mind.  Another tip, plan ahead.    Here is want to do if brain fog is worse in the morning,, laying out clothes the night before.  Try to lower stress in the morning. Sort meds into a daily smart medication reminder with alarm and timer.  The medication reminder  lets  you know when you’re up to date  with pills.   A smart medication reminder can easily make sure you haven’t forgotten to take them (or don’t take them more than once).

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