Auto pill dispenser with locks may be needed

When is a Pill Reminder with locks need?

When is a Pill Reminder with locks need?

stored under lock and key

Opioid addiction is at a record high.  Fist, over 50,000 people OD’ed in 2016.  Second, the problem is universal.  Third, the addictions trends are the same among men and women.  Fourth, the same applies for race and income level.  To sum up, what can be done to stop this scourge?  Is a smart pill reminder with locks the answer?

Opioids are stored under lock and key

First of all, when in the hospital, opioids are always stored under lock and key.  Furthermore, they will only be distributes by trained health care professionals.  Hence, people who are getting opioids at the hospital are closely monitored.  First, for negative side effects.  Second, for the possibility of addiction.  First of all, there is no similar types of pill reminder with  locks control once the patient returns home.  To sum up, patient safety may be compromised.

  • For many a Pill Dispenser will provide a solution
  • First a good pill dispenser will help with enforcement
  • Second a smart pill dispenser  will prevent opioid overdoing with locks
  • Third, an organized timely system to prevent overdosing

When is a Pill Reminder with locks need

There are two cases where a When is a Pill Reminder with locks is  need.  First, trying to control opioid addiction.  Second, for seniors who suffer from Alzheimer’s or Dementia.  Furthermore, senior have to cope with AIMM’s (Age Induced medication Mistakes).  This is a normal part of the aging process.  To make matters worse, senior will mix up the day of the week.

For example, they take their Monday pills out of their pill box at 8:00 AM.  Hence, at 12:, they think it is Tuesday and take the pills in the pill box for Tuesday.  Finally, later in the day, they think it is Wednesday and make the same mistake.  Obviously,   a Pill Reminder with locks will  be need to elevate the problem.

smart pill dispenser
Med-Q Pill Reminder

A final solution, Med-Q Pill Reminder without locks. 

The genius design will flash ONLY the daily pill reminder box that the individual needs to take.  No decision about the day of the week.  In conclusion, with a smart pill reminder with LITE-Box guides you don’t need , or want locks. In short, a locking pill reminder is needed to fight addiction.

stored under lock and key
stored under lock and key
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