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MED-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarm solves Medication Errors

MED-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarm solves Medication Errors

Medication errors caused by combinations of medication is a big problem.

Med-Q smart pill box with alarm
Med-Q smart pill box with alarm

Why do seniors need the Med-Q Smart Pill box with alarm?  Two-thirds of Americans take at least one prescription.   A full 60% are taking three or more daily. This information was provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Ten percent of seniors take a of five prescriptions.  And yet this number will get bigger as they get older.  Furthermore, seniors are also taking over-the-counter medication and supplements.

Smart Pill Box for Medication errors to prevent disaster.

Med-Q smart pill box

In other words, mixing pills may be leaving patients worse off than before they started. “The stakes are pretty high for patients who take multiple medications,” says Dr. Gerardo Moreno, assistant professor of family medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine.  Undoubtedly, a pill reminder will helps seniors manage medications. “There’s always a chance of negative drug-drug interactions.”

It is true, Medication management can be done with a programmable smart pill box with alarm

Med-Q smart pill box with alarmWith out a doubt, a Smart pill box with alarm can prevent mixing your pills. The dangers from a medication cocktail, called polypharmacy.  This often leads to the  ER.  Sometimes it may cause a  hospital stays and a worsening of a disease. A typical example: acetaminophen.  This is the active ingredient in pain killers like Tylenol. Of course, doses in different pill combinations may lead to damage to the liver.  Obviously, your smart pill box will ensure proper dosing.

The reasons for polypharmacy are many.


To demonstrate, older patients see different health care professionals. There is limited communication between them on the senior. By the same token, this can lead to medication overlapping and medication errors.  Modern Medicine usually prescribe first and finds out about other medications the senior is taking. Seniors ought to to think about what is being put in their own pill box.

Medication errors cause major problems

To be sure, prescription medications can have positive or a negative impact depending on the dose. Forgetting and over dosing is a big problem. An electronic programmable pill dispenser can solve that portion of the problem.  This is done by controlling prescription medication mix . However, the problem can not be solved with out effort and attention to detail.


In short, medication combinations must be tracked carefully.   Med-Q smart pill box with alarm and attention to detail will lead to better outcomes and an improved Quality of Life.  After all, MED-Q Smart Pill Box with alarm is the Best Automatic Pill Dispenser.


In the last ten years, wages have increased by less than 35%. Health care costs in the same time period have risen over 600%. You do the math. The MED-Q Pill Dispenser is designed to keep people at home. Staying at home can avoid the huge expensive of assisted living. We have attached a table of costs, State by State.. The Quality of life MED-Q Medication reminder brings is not easy ?

The Best Pill Reminder With Alarm Keep Costs Under Control.

Med-Q smart pill box with alarmWhat makes the Best Auto Pill Dispenser with Alarm. Forbes magazine has reported that ” U.S. Health Care Costs Rise Faster Than Inflation”. Costs rise when demand increases relative to supply. This is basic Keynesian Economics. Health care is the same as any other “product” or “service “for sale.

Why Are Health Care Costs Different?

Accordingly, there are issues in health care that need to be addressed differently.  These influence the cost of health care. There are political factors . Things such as social consensus, taxes and increased regulations impact health care costs. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), said the main reason came from the increase in the price of pills, medical device such as an electronic programmable pill dispenser. In the same way, this applies to other types of programmable pill box and hospital care.

Health Care Inflation Raise Insurance Premiums.

Health care inflation vs Economic Inflation. [CPI & Health Care Inflation 2005-2015]smart pill box with alarm

What Can Be Done To Reduce Health Care Costs?

Med-Q smart pill box with alarmThat is the Billion Dollar question. Workers continue to see health care costs jump again in 2014. As a result, average deductible increased over 8%. This made the average deductible in 2015, well over $1,000 dollars according to a Employee health benefits Survey. It was lower in 2015 than past years but it still far outpaced wages’ workers.

In the last ten years, the average deductible has tripled. It was $303 in 2006 1,077 today.  Data provided by the report from the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research & Educational Trust. reported the average now is just under $1,00 dollars. In contrast, seven times faster than wages have risen in the same period. You can keep health care costs down with med-q Pill reminder.electronic pill box with timer & alarm

smart pill box

Caregiver Spouses make up 2/3 of family caregivers

Did you know that Caregiver spouses performed medical tasks more than the 4o % of the paid caregivers?
Spouses who are caregivers are significantly more likely than other family caregivers (adult children, for example) to perform many of the tasks that health care professionals do – including medication control.  This is done manually or with the help of a smart pill box with alarm.  Some other duties may include wound care as well as tracking medication.

Those are the findings of a new report issued today by the United Hospital Fund and the AARP Public Policy Institute. Among other findings:

Caregiving spouses get less in-home support from health care providers

  • Just under 85 % spousal care recipients get virtually no  health care on site.  This is in comparison to 66 % of the non-spousal care takers.  The list goes on:
  • Spouses are also less likely to receive help from family
  • Not as likely to get help from friends
  • Diffident in getting or home care aides

The fact of the matter, a full 60% spouses get no help at all.  45% reported no additional help from others, compared with 20 percent of non-spouses

Caregiver spouses average ten years older than non-spousal caregivers

med-q smart pill box
med-q smart pill box

They were also poorer as well as more likely to be unemployed.  “The challenges spouses who are caregivers face are daunting,” said Susan Reinhard, senior vice president and director of the AARP Public Policy Institute and coauthor of the report. “Nearly three-quarters of the spouses they care for were taking five or more medications, which are not easy to coordinate. And many of the pills were given in non pill forms.  These include injections and infusion pumps.”

“As a former spousal caregiver, I certainly understand the desire to take care of all of a spouse’s needs,”

Carol Levine, director of the Families and Health Care Project for the United Hospital Fund has experience. She will tell you that the needed care is a responsibility that has been thrust upon family caregivers.  Normally, it is done  adequate training and/or support.

 40 million plus unpaid family caregivers in the US

  1. Military Caregivers Need More Support, Study Shows
  2. A mother and a physical therapist work with a veteran

The family members who provide care for the nation’s  wounded veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars need more support than they’re getting, says a study of military caregivers released today by the RAND Corporation. The largest-ever survey of more than 1,000 military caregivers found that 25-30% are soldiers’ parents.  Of these, many are getting older themselves and who will not always be up to the task.

Included in the report were these recommendations:

smart pill box
Med-Q smart pill box

There are ways to build military caregivers’ confidence and skill.  In addition, there are many ways that you can lessen their stress.  The most Knowledgeable health care professionals and employers understand the caregivers’ roles.  They ask the patients to be understanding as well as accommodating. 

If caregivers are eligible for programs make sure they use them  You can  create a custom program in ways that help to reduce the care giving work load.  Also provide them health care and offset lost income.  Remember, you need to consider the future when your loved ones or parents/grandparents are no longer able to take care of their sons and daughters.  They must consider tomorrow’s military caregivers needs.  

Caregivers Need a Smart Pill Box with Alarm to reduce Worry

med-q smart pill box
med-q smart pill box

At any rate, a caregiver is one of the most difficult jobs there is.  This being said, it is one of the most unrecognized.  The stress , worry and physical consequences of being a caregiver can not be underestimated.  To sum up, take advantage of Modern technology and your work load will become easier to handle.  Indeed,  Med-Q smart Pill box with alarm is a great tool to handle the medication issues.   


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